My #Positivity and #ProjectSimplify are doing really well. I'm feeling happier everyday and I learned to lighten up my baggage gradually. I made peace with my past, got in touch with long lost people and accepted that the things I didn't get and cannot change are most probably not the best for me. For a competitive woman in her late 20s, that can be tough. But for a competitive woman who believes she is a child of an abundant God, that's fine. There's a whole world of blessings to claim. I just have to be ready.

I've been reading a lot, too. Lately, my bedtime menu includes how to become truly wealthy, gain financial freedom and what it truly means to be rich. I realized that the reason why I rough myself up to achieve my financial and career goals is simple. It's not really to hoard pesos in my bank accounts or pile up my closet with expensive things. It's actually because (1) I want peace of mind. And this peace of mind actually stems from knowing that I have enough to give my family a comfortable, even luxurious life. Or that they get sustainable funds if I'll be gone sooner than expected. There's nothing wrong with that. Number (2) It's also because having more means I can help more. How many times do I have to say "sana mayaman ako" whenever I see heartbreaking stories of families living inhumane conditions. People with no shelter,  no food, not even access to clean water. Kids who cannot go to school despite the fact that education is a basic human right. I would love to send those kids to school! But how can I do that if I don't have much to spare? Bo Sanchez said that for two decades he thought that to serve the poor, he should embrace poverty too. But he also realized that's not what God actually wanted. We can love the poor and serve them more if we have more. It makes perfect sense. Money is not evil. Wealth is not evil. It's actually a wonderful enabler. It's how we use it that matters.

So aside from my #Positivity and #ProjectSimplify, I must add #MyRoadToRiches. I hope to share my journey, what I'll learn and do to be truly abundant! 

It all starts with a pledge, a decision, and I'm making one today. 

For practice, and just so that we're not too serious. ;)

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From the soon-to-be richer Nook,


  1. Thoughtful, well-articulated piece! A lot of people think that fortune and fame are the goals that we all have aspire for. However, this thinking will only burn us out eventually. Fame and fortune are the means to an end. The end in this case should be a goal or purpose that is higher than ourselves like supporting our families, having the stability to help those in need, and so on. This thinking would help us look at life in a more positive way and it will drive our passion to work harder essentially because we are not just doing things for ourselves but we are thinking of others also. Having this selfless, generous mindset is what will sustain us...it's a two way street. The act of giving nourishes the body of those who receive it and also nourishes the soul and spirit of the one who gives.

    Thank you for sharing your epiphany through this blog. I hope it inspires other people to do their own reflection.

    1. Oh my gosh, Nico, you're reading my blog! =P

      Anyways, I love how you share my thoughts and I think we can finish endless cups of coffee talking about this, and we should!

      Let's aim to have more to be able to share more, and be nourished more. It's a beautiful process. Cheers! :)

  2. I love this post!

    Here's to being really rich where it truly matters :)

    1. Thank you, Jill! That's also why I'm a fan of Frugal Honey. :) Hope to see you soon!


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