Cumpleanos 2013 and How it Feels to be 28

When I was in fifth grade, I thought being 28 is scary. That I should be married and a mother and a powerhouse career woman all at the same time. Now that I'm 28, I'm not married (and have no plans whatsoever), I have no kids yet, and while I'm likely what you'll call career driven, I'm but a humble young professional working hard, taking baby steps up the ladder of success. 

I hear friends whine about being in the late twenties. I get it, my nieces and nephews whom I put to sleep as babies are now in college. (what??) My Facebook timeline is full of photos of pre-nups, weddings, engagement parties, bridal showers and yes, babies. All shapes and sizes. My aunts and uncles are endlessly asking the dreaded question: "Kelan ka ba mag-aasawa" or worse "Di kapaba mag-aanak". Guys, don't tell me my eggs will expire soon or you won't make it to my Christmas list this year. Ang OA ha! ;-)

I'm 28, I'm not scared and I don't feel old. If at all, I feel I'm in a unique stage in my life where I feel I'm in full control and it's prime and liberating. I make decisions everyday, I can make mistakes and be accountable for them. I earn my own money, and spend them to my will. I can be drunk and my mom won't scream at me anymore. I can be wounded, desperate and crazy one night, and yet I'm strong enough to lick my wounds and be okay the next day. I now know who and what to value, and therefore, trivial things and shallow people can't affect or hurt me bad anymore. More so, I'm ecstatic because I know life has great things to offer, in the coming days, months, years. I just have to be ready and patient. While people dread the big 3-0, I'm actually very excited for the Lord's plan to unfold because I'm solid that it will be great. Better than I can ever imagine. Worrying is futile and unnecessary. 
So what's there to be scared about being 28? Or quite frankly, about being 18, 28, 40 or even 60? Nothing. What we should fear are ignorance and lack of guts to live the moment, cherishing yesterday, looking forward to tomorrow and still be enjoying the now. Let's stop being gaga over age so we can start making a life that is exciting, fruitful and worth the pages of history.

We can be our best selves at any age, so cheers to being 28. :)


Pre-Birthday work/party at Jay Sean Concert, Club Paraw, Boracay

Office surprise birthday treat: Sushi, Spa and Coke!

Drug of choice

Taken during my family birthday dinner at Namnam with our bro's bunso, Tobias

Post-birthday wine and dine at Barcino with Team TMI :)


  1. Happy birthday Dang!

    Attagirl, don't let others dictate how you should live your life. Being 28 and knowing what you want in life is a gift that not everyone can lay claim to. So proud of you that you're on the path you chose to take :)

    1. I'll keep that in mind, I was never one to conform without questioning, so I guess it's really a blessing. :) Thanks for believing. :) I hope to see you soon, mommy Jill!

  2. di pa natin nacelebrate bday mo with gamma. :) See you soon!


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