Review: Ruyifang Massage and Reflexology

Aguierre Avenue is one of the most prolific places in the South. It's where the infamous Central Bar started as a humble backyard style BBQ place that offered beer. It has grown by leaps and bounds now, and you're not a certified South dweller if you haven't been to Central once, twice or many many times. Believe me, I have so much crazy stories in that place! ;-) 

Today, the Aguirre strip in BF Homes Paranaque serves as home to hundreds of establishments; from bars, restaurants, coffee shops and tea houses, even Korean groceries. But one of the more popular business here are spas and massage centers. I've tried a handful -- Azule, Zensai, Rodeo, Sesitra, even Nuat Thai. Price starts at 300 for the regular one hour massage and each one has their own gimmicks. Traditional hilot, hot stone massage, ventosa cupping etc. I recently tried Ruyifang which offers traditional Chinese massage and reflexology after my awesome teammates gave me a voucher for my birthday (on top of Sushi overload for lunch!) I trooped to Aguirre once again to see for myself why my good friend P, can't shut up about it. She's such a loyal fan that she refuses to get a massage elsewhere arguing that if it's not Ruyifang, sayang. I got the full body and foot massage with oil for 120 minutes. Here's my verdict: 


  • Long operating hours from12:30 pm to 3:00 am (perfect after a drinking session)
  • Spacious with several rooms which means more comfort and privacy
  • Clean interiors and nice bathroom; traditional, nothing fancy but very neat and well-kept
  • The staff are friendly, and almost zero waiting time. One call and they already have someone to prepare the room. I was escorted in a matter of minutes.   
  • Price board is clearly displayed in the reception. No guessing game. 
  • Now, for the massage. The full body is really good but not the best I've had. The therapist is obviously well-trained and is sure with every stroke. I felt at ease knowing and feeling she's a seasoned therapist. She's also very courteous, asking if I was alright a few times, but not annoying or too chatty. 
  • The foot reflexology is a different story. It was so goooood! I'm so used to the usual Foot Thai massage (not that there's something wrong with it) that I eventually got bored, and it no longer feels as relaxing as before. The Ruyifang foot reflexology uses totally different strokes and techniques and it felt new and surprisingly more soothing. My tired feet had been touched, pressed, rubbed and pressured in all too many good ways that I fell asleep even before the therapist finished the first leg. Thumbs up! :) 


  • Limited parking space 
  • A little expensive compared to other spas along Aguirre. Regular one hour massage costs 400.

Will I try it again? Are you kidding me? For the foot reflexology alone, I'll be a frequent visitor. :) I'm also curious to try their various oils/essences for sale, which by the looks of it, were imported fom China. I highly recommend this place so try it out when you find your self in my turf aka South. 

120 minutes Foot and Body oil massage is 780. You may call 7994401 or 09175054816 for inquiries and appointments. Ruyifang can be found at 294 Aguirre Ave. Phase 3 BF Homes, Paranaque.

*This is not a sponsored post

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