Gratitude List: Live an Inspired Life

To live evey single day full of sense and out of the right reasons, instead of just watching life pass by. To find joy in the smallest of things, to spur hope in the simplest ways. To find nourishment beyond the superficial. To draw inspiration from people that surround you. To never give up without trying. To accept defeat and learn from your mistakes. To know when to give up and when to try again. To adjust one's perspective. To protect what you value. To love and respect yourself because you are your Father's child. To find true love, and fight for it. To stand for your beliefs. To dare and choose happiness. To go against the tide. To celebrate beauty and victories. To inspire kindness and justice. And to have someone who perfectly understands and reminds you of how beautiful life can be!

To my best friend who's been present in every aspect of my life, cheers to more inspired years and wine nights-turned-bible studies. I'm grateful to have you with me in this journey. 

Follow her and live an inspired life!