OOTD: My Idea of Sexy

--- is actually called SMART AND COMFY. 

Gone are the days when I fret and feel less of myself when I go out of the house not wearing high heels. I have no idea how I survived daily commute from Las Pinas to Intramuros in 4-inch pointed pumps, but I somehow did. I was 17, everything was bearable! Hailing FX cabs for hours was bearable. Wearing tight, pencil-cut skirt was bearable. 14 hours of schooling was bearable, enjoyable even! Not surprisingly, this thirst for validation commanded sexy outfits, too. And my idea of sexy then was that of a girl who's not afraid to bare her skin, should always be clad in fit tank tops with a little bit of cleavage (though I never had one, ha!), short shorts or dresses that hug you tight in all corners  curves. Just to be clear, I see nothing wrong with wearing these clothes provided it fits the occasion and won't compromise a girl's safety. In fact, I still own and enjoy wearing them to this day (short shorts in particular). But with age comes rediscovering your body and a new found appreciation for a different kind of sexy.  One that does not involve baring too much skin, but actually being comfortable and confident in your own. 

You can be wearing full sleeves, long pants and still be sexy. You can rest your legs and trade your high heels with ballet flats or sneakers and still be very sexy. You need not be a size 2 to feel sexy. My point is, no one and nothing (READ: don't let glossies rule how you feel about yourself) should make you feel obligated to show skin all the time. Be smart to know what's safe and appropriate.

Take it from someone who learned this in a not-so-fun and scary way. Receiving cat calls is not a good nor safe way to start a day.  

Five years ago, you'll barely see me with sleeves! :D
Chucks FTW!

With the girls
Much Love,