Gratitude List: February 2014

Ola! February has passed but I'm keeping up with my blogging tradition of acknowledging the good tidings. Pass the wine, please. Cheers!

1. Another year of love. February will always be special to me. It's the month I met my man eons ago, who's also born in February. Plus, it's the love month; I know I'm not the sentimental type, but I still feel happy seeing couples and families more expressive than ever. Flowers and kisses in every corner! I hope it happens everyday. 

2. Mom's retirement house, which she can clean (my mom is OC about order and germs), decorate and redecorate, however she wants. It's hers. 

3. A #YOLO experience. I attended my first legit music festival at age 28. Its' not too late to try something new, you know. 

4. More time with friends. I was close to being a hermit last year, and so this year, I vowed to make time for my friends despite the busy schedule. I'm happy to report that my February was packed with catch-up drinks, spa session with my girls, a blogging event, some dinner dates and an out of town music fest to boot. Welcome me back!  

Impromptu get together
Spa date to celebrate career milestones and what have you
Catching up with our longtime compadres. It was so fun and then it got blurry. :P
Date with my good friend and South partner P, at Bono Tei BF
Meeting my Malaysian babe, Ranie, during her quick Manila visit
That time I convinced her to eat Dinuguan with much success :D

5. Getting out of the limbo. Months of uncertainties and considering all minute details on how to proceed with my life was just so exhausting. It's like walking in circles which drained every bit of my motivation. If there's anything that helped me the most, it is my decision to retreat, rest, and just stop struggling. Then I swallowed my fat pride and admitted that I needed help and so I resorted to seeking sound advice from the right people. What happened next blew me away. Let's just say I've seen the hands of God put all things in perfect order. He put me in the place where I'm supposed to be and still blessed me with what I needed and prayed for. Unbelievable.

What are you most thankful about in February? :) 

Much Love,