Gratitude List: #ProjectGoodVibes

My friend, Kristel, tagged me on her #ProjectGoodVibes post on Facebook. The challenge is to list three positive things in your life that you're truly thankful about. I guess I'm no stranger to this as I have #GratitudeList and #ProjectPositivity on this blog, hence, posting it here instead. Here we go. 

1. A deeper relationship with the Lord, and sharing the journey with my partner. (Hello, Sweetie!) I was born and raised in a very religious family and I grew up admiring the faith and dedication of my lola and aunts. I went to a Catholic school from nursery and practiced my religion as expected. But for so long, I did it out of tradition and duty. It's been only a few years since I started questioning, reading, deciding and finding out more about my personal relationship with my Creator. I discovered new ways to practice and deepen my faith, and even debunked a few practices I don't understand and believe in. I now understand people and their religious beliefs (or lack thereof) better. Faith, I discovered, is truly personal. We can't go around shoving our own ideals to people just because we think it's the right thing to do. That's why I love our Pope so much! I can't say my journey is complete, but everyday is a revelation I'm truly grateful for.

HS Girlfriends

2. Blessed with Good People. I consider myself a really lucky blessed girl. Maybe not so much on material things, but my life is really brimming with the nicest, smartest, most joyful people. My clan is wickedly awesome, I can't stay sad in their company. My childhood is epic with memories of family outings, late Happy Meal Drive Thru's and silly Christmas games. I also have a circle of trusted girls whom I've been friends with since Elementary and HS (Hello, Tara, Chai, Yhel, Tethas, Cath, Ren and Libay!). If I wasted myself and gone astray, I'm pretty sure they will find me and pick me up from my mess. No questions asked. 

Amazingly, I also found a good man (10 years ago!) who's been with me through all my ups and troubles. He's also been unbelievably patient with me when I can't even be patient with myself. My 29 years have not been exactly breezy but I've managed to get through and remain positive because the love I receive from people are simply overwhelming. It would be a shame to let them down. For some reason, it's as if I'm born with a magnet that attracts good people. Hooray! :)

3. A Second Home in EON. It's been more than three years since I took a leap of faith and left my comfort zone to join EON. One of the best decisions in my life. I met and learned from the smartest and most brilliant people in the PR industry. EON honed and polished my skills, exposed me to various industries and practices and stretched me to go beyond perceived limits. It's one hell of  a ride, sometimes scary, most of the time fun, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. More importantly, this is where I met really good people who eventually became trusted friends.The management (and everyone else!) is so supportive of me, it really felt like family. 

A career in PR is never too easy (if it is, then you're probably doing it wrong), but amidst the tiring days, unholy working hours, crazy deadlines and uhm, challenging clients, it's my colleagues, mentors and my friends who kept me going. EON is and will always be a second home. Plus, I tell you, we know how to have fun! ;)

Boracay 2012
Christmas Party at Club Muah 2012

Creepy Matryoshka dolls | Halloween 2013
EON Anniversary at Spicy Fingers October 2013
Shell FuelSave Drive Feb 2014
Bohol June 2014

As I type this, we got news that EON won the South East Asia Consultancy of the Year Award from The Holmes Report. The first ever PR agency recognized from the Philippines! Woot! :)

Now's your turn. Join the #ProjectGoodVibes and spread positivity and all around!

Much Love,