#KLChronicles (Part 2)

Off you go

I will make no excuses for being MIA for the past err, months. Sure, work has been demanding, and living alone, as it turns out, means more work. ;) But I regret nothing. As much as I did most decisions on my own since I started working, it was still very different when I finally decided to leave home become 100% independent. The opportunity came eight months ago when I packed my bags and thought it would be fun to be lost and to find myself again in a new place which happened to be KL. Here I am halfway through 2014, still finding my way, but almost there!

I'd like to think of KL as my YinYang. It's been both good and nasty. There are days when I hated myself for leaving everything I love, days when no amount of cooking or Skyping or spending could make me feel less empty. I spent my saddest birthday to date because not only was I alone, I also lost someone very dear to me. Solo Christmas was okay, but nowhere near Paskong Pinoy. There are brighter days, of course. A lot of them actually. I've grown professionally, made new friends, met interesting people, learned about different cultures, tried local flavors. So much has happened in the past eight months that I honestly feel like I'm not the same person anymore. I've gained so much in terms of appreciating what really matters in this life. Being in a foreign country also made me more patient, more inclusive, more appreciative, and come to think of it, a little more kind. It's not bad after all.  

Living solo also meant depending on no one but yourself. I had to cook, clean the house, do the laundry, assemble the chairs, change the bulbs, figure out the gas cylinder, wait for deliveries, scrub the toilet, everything! I remember having to carry a dozen grocery bags plus a basin and a hamper because I thought I was Superman. I ached all over for days. It's not easy at all, but me thinks that's why it's also much rewarding.

The honeymoon phase had long passed, but it only led me to take this journey even further. The minute I felt comfortable around KL, I started doing what I've always loved the most. I traveled.

I'll tell you more about it on my next posts. It won't take months.

Much Love,