Jump Starting Life

Masungi Georeserve | May 2018 

Life is full of jump starts. I often find myself, sometimes unknowingly, at a crossroad having to end one thing to start a new one. Be them jobs, cities, relationships.

I started blogging in 2009 when my interest leaned towards beauty and lifestyle. I've made a few small brand collaborations, met amazing blogger friends (hello, team E!) and a handful of staple readers who became online friends almost. But with my demanding agency life, blogging remained just that. An outlet for my 20s energy, and a place to share what I can and find things I looked for.

When I moved abroad in 2014, I've basically lost most of my interest in writing about beauty stuff. I still love skincare and makeup, and clothes and shoes just like any other girl I know, but I didn't find joy in writing about them anymore.  Plus, a new city proved exciting. I found more joy doing things offline. I joined dance classes, took painting tutorials, hunted local foods, and explored Kuala Lumpur and eventually neighboring cities on long weekends.

A more balanced work life also allowed me some time to rediscover my love for pen and paper. I wrote before bed and collected journals and doodle sheets and dream boards. I also got obsessed with fitness and traveling, which led me to contribute to different websites, the latest one being Manila Bulletin's online sports and fitness portal, MBody. 

I'm now at another crossroad and jump starting life. My last post would give you a sweet lowdown. After my big KL adventure, I'm back in my motherland for a while, and on a quest to rediscover her more before my next big jump start. I'll talk about that soon enough.

I have no illusion of building a blogging empire, not then and not now, but touching a life or two with my personal experiences, losses and wins at life, would be a great plus.

So where do we start? Adulting? Workouts? Food? Travel? Love?

Whatever you're here for, come chase life with me.