Life's Lesson Plan

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Twenty plus years of a not-so-simple life has taught me a thing or two about happiness. Fate has been kidding around with me; it made me feel rich, pampered, loved, bored, abandoned, devastated, loved again, hurt once, twice, thrice, then stable, and lost again. My life isn't perfect, and I haven't seen anything close to it, have you?

If I list down all the learnings and make life's lesson plan, then I would probably need to publish series of books. [Though it won't hurt to dream, eh?] =)

I don't mean to be preachy of self righteous, but let me share to you some nuggets of wisdom that has unfolded in my very eyes. [I'll be sharing more as I witness them.]
These are personal views and are subject to your discretion.

1. JEALOUSY/ENVY prevents you from being HAPPY
Definitely. When you are jealous, and it doesn't matter if it's over simple or things of great magnitude, it prevents you from being happy. Why? Because jealousy prevents you from APPRECIATING what you have. When you feel envious over somebody else's possessions, beauty and achievements, to the point that you start feeling low about yourself, you begin to compare and even regret the blessings you have received. You start imagining what your life would be if you were in that other person's shoes, that you forget how happy your life already is. You even resent the life, the people and your God that has given you so much. So when I feel jealous myself, I slap my cheek and start counting my blessings, then I realize, what an ungrateful b*tch I was.

2. KARMA is real, good or bad, and it's part of the universal equilibrium
What goes around comes around. Good or bad, it will find its way back to you, if not now, in due time. You give more, you gain more, in two, three, even four folds. You get greedy, then again, it will get more from you, in two, three, four folds. Same holds true to our resources, we abuse nature, then we face the consequences. Nothing is free in this world anymore, you plant goodness, then you gain goodness, and vice versa. I also believe that hurting animals weighs down your life, because fyi, PEOPLE DON'T OWN THE WORLD. We are merely part of the universe. So respect life in every simplest form.

3. Long for COMFORT, not OPULENCE
I'm being truthful here, as much as I want to get ridiculously rich, I've seen so many reasons why I'd go for comfort and not opulence. I won't go into so much details, but simply put, comfortable life for me means a sturdy, decent sized & lovely home where I can see my loved ones on a daily basis, and not a hotel type mansion where I would need intercoms to reach my future kids. I want an emergency fund, a hefty savings account, and some insurance plans, not billions spread all over the world, with threats of terrorits taking my kids for ransom money.
Again, these are my personal views, pro or con, I'm more than happy to hear your thoughts about it, sweeties! I'll be posting more life's lessons next time. Cheers to life!

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. i think karma is real too, i mean i got a steady job, steady income, no wonder i keep on losing at the casino and contests!!! >< lol

    and so jealous that you got no snow there! I do hate shoveling my driveway every morning and dusting snow off my car when I get out of work/home at minus 20 C hehe if you ever want to experient that feel free to come here and help me out I'll give you free accomodation :D

  2. Haha, you're cute Julie! I haven't tried playing in casino though =P

    And if I ever get to save up for a trip in the US, I'll knock on your door & u have to take me to snow trip, eh? =)

  3. Thank you so much for your post girl~ I couldn't agree more on all those things you mentioned. Jealousy has definitely kept me from being happy even today. But sad to say, jealousy is something we can't get rid off. Human beings will always want what they don't have and they will always urge for what others have.

    And I wish more ppl understand that you don't have to be ridiculously rich to be happy. When I tell my friends and family that I don't long to be rich but I want a nice little house with nothing too outrageous, they think im crazy! lol

  4. @ Stacie: You're right dear, we human beings always want something, then after getting it, we'll want more eh? Sad but true. But I guess it's something we can manage & look at positively, say make it an inspiration rather than happiness blocker? We can do it! =D

    Just to share a quote I received on being filthy rich:

    "I wish all people will have all the riches in the world, so that everyone will know, it's NOT the answer." - Jim Carrey

    Take care, Stacie =)

  5. Yeah jealousy can really tie you down. I tend to have a jealous heart so i guard myself carefully and go against the flow when I feel a wave of jealousy. I fight it by being a fan of others and reminding myself that I am unique, there's no one like me and my DNA proves that. There is so much to learn too from those you percieve are 'better' than you!!! I love your blog :) mwah....

  6. Hi Joyce, it's nice to see you here. I love your blog, and learned so much from it =)

    Jealousy, I think, is and will be an issue at one point, but we are blessed with a sound mind and heart not to be overtaken by it =)



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