Sun will Shine on Us

It’s a sunny Monday, lovelies!

Thank God that Typhoon Pepeng (Parma) didn’t directly hit Metro Manila. I can’t even bring myself to imagine the devastation it would have caused should it wreck the metro after Ondoy (Ketsana). Though being spared from the typhoon is a big relief, it still worries me to see the destruction it brought to Northern Luzon such as Catanduanes, Camarines, Bicol, Quezon, Aurora and a lot more. But despite losing millions of properties and crops, the biggest consolation is the very minimal, or zero casualties (in some provinces), due perhaps, to the preparation done by the people and the local governments. I hope we exert all efforts to be a step ahead all the time, and the priority should always remain to be PEOPLE.

I’ve read several bloggers shared their experiences and lessons learned from the nation’s ordeal the past week. I myself was a victim of Ondoy, and I’m sure each of us has his/her own story that can help us reflect, realize and put our thoughts to action.

Some points yours truly humbly shares:

1. Once again, the heavens and earth proved that ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL. – Ondoy’s rage spared no one; from shanties to mansions, from celebrities to common folks. While we can argue that rich people can bounce back faster, the feeling of fear, helplessness and grief over losing hard earned possessions, and LOVED ONES, are all the same despite your bank account.

2. Material things are just that – MATERIAL. We can lose them in a snap, so start loving people more, and valuing earthly possessions less.

3. WE DON’T REALLY OWN ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD. We are just stewards, part of the system of the whole universe. What we have now, are all from the Creator, and if He allowed it, everything can vanish in a blink on an eye.

4. I’M ONE PROUD FILIPINA. Our country may be unsafe, polluted, and politics can get evil. But if there’s one moment in my life that I truly felt lucky to be born in my skin, it would be TODAY. I see “bayanihan” (help/volunteerism) in every corner, financial/non-financial aids from all parts of the archipelago, even victims extending their hands to other victims! Oh God, thank you for making me one proud Filipina.

5. Filipinos are the most POSITIVE men on Earth. All muddy with zero bank account and officially a homeless, a vendor on TV said with a BIG SMILE “Ganyan talaga eh, konting tiis at sipag lang, makakabangon din.” (That’s life, with a bit of hard work, we can rise again.) That’s the spirit.

6. SUPERMAN is real – and he’s a Filipino. Countless heroes emerged amidst the typhoon’s anger. From the rescue teams, NGOs, and common people, who risked or even sacrificed their lives to save other people in need. I can’t name them all, but the Lord will know.

7. Take emergency fund seriously. While I do save up, I can’t call it my emergency fund, and now I know why it’s crucial.

8. I’m thankful that I’m blessed with a GOOD EMPLOYER. My company has always been big on safety and social responsibility, and it has proven its good faith once again. SAFETY of all staff and contractors were prioritized, grants were given to those who were affected badly [from upper mgt. to janitorial services], 0% loans, donation campaigns, outreach programs in all affected retail stations etc. If you belong to a company like this (regardless of its size), then by all means, be proud and be loyal.

9. We all know this happened largely because of the dreaded CLIMATE CHANGE. I learned that I’m not doing enough to protect our planet. I’ve been big on Going Green, using less plastic, managing my garbage and saving power, but I’m barely scratching the surface. I CAN DO MORE. WE CAN DO MORE. Let’s be strict and faithful to our efforts of saving the planet, and in the process, saving people.

10. Lastly, when I saw our things soaked and floating, I realized I should have been more prepared. We stayed on our 2nd floor for 16 hours, and we have very little food and water since all our supplies are on the first floor! From now on, all my precious belongings will be kept on our second floor, and emergency kits too! That includes water, ready to eat food, medicines, emergency lamps, chargers and batteries.

Let the fateful events that transpired last week be a wake-up call. It’s time we know what matters most in our lives, what we can do to prevent it again from happening, and how we can stretch our means to help out more.

For now, I’m convinced that the Lord will command the sun to shine on us.

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. Agree. At yes, ang init. Parang hindi bumagyo :(

  2. @ Tara: You know how we hate the heat, sis? With everything that has happened, I'll complain less =P

  3. you and teeyah really are BFFs.. u think so much alike.. :)

    i agree with all u mentioned sis.. and the emergency fund.. tsk tsk.. i am not much of a saver.. but after what has happened, now it makes total sense..

    i too am very proud to belong to the company I work for.. you can really see the concern and worry from them.. as early as saturday, the BCRP team (led by the prince) all got together to make sure everyone is taken cared of.. in the office u can see sleeping bags and warm clothes prepared for everyone who got affected/stranded, free meals, donation campaigns, 13th month pay and grants were offered..

    I guess time like these serves as a nudge for us to wake up and start taking some action..

  4. @ Kay: We're blessed to be in our companies then =) And you're prince is also a superman for leading the response team! Have a great sunny day, sis =)

  5. jp aguilar-antipordaOctober 6, 2009 at 9:51 AM

    i love how u write.. thanks for sharing, luv =)

  6. @ JP: Thanks for the kind comment, and it's my pleasure to share & write for you lovelies =) Muah*


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