Sunday, May 30, 2010

INVITE: Zync Kebab & Grill's Soft Opening on Friday, June 4, 6PM.

I would love to see you all, and if you do drop by, please say hi to me! =D

Your NeuroChiq,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The WINNERS of my Silver Birthday Giveaways ARE...

My Silver Birthday Giveaway ended last Tuesday, but I haven't found the time to tabulate and announce the winners until today! Zync is soft opening next Friday, so you can imagine me running around after 5pm (or after my day job), to squeeze in errands, meetings with suppliers, scouting of few itsy bitsy pieces and what have you!

That's also the reason why I haven't posted any reviews, EOTDs, FOTDs or OOTDs, because I haven't worn makeup worth sharing the past days. The only things I slap on my face each day are anti-acne gel, Etude House BB cream in the morning and Kiehl's organic skin repair moisturizer at night. And if I ever wake up 5 minutes earlier than usual, then I'll have luxury of having time to put some blush before going to work.

But despite that, I can't keep you waiting, I actually feel bad for delaying the announcement for a day already, and so, without further ado, here are the 2 winners that were chosen randomly:


And here comes the tricky part. I didn't expect to receive much entries - total of 36 to be exact (it's not much for other seasoned blogger's giveaways, I know!), but I'm touched and overwhelmed and I sincerely thank you all for taking time to answer. It's rewarding to know my readers' thoughts and opinions more. And it will also help me improve NeuroChiq for the better, so thank you! =)

But there has to be a winner, and my heart voted for:


And as stated in my givewaway rules, FIRST ONE TO EMAIL ME gets to choose their prize! Please send me your full name, shipping address including zipcodes and state the prize of your choice at dang(underscore)villanueva(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Until next time! Cheers!

Your NeuroChiq,


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't Be Surprised: The NeuroCOOK!

If you've been here long enough, you would know how inlove I am with GOOD FOOD. Nope, good doesn't always mean expensive [though make sure that price doesn't sacrifice the QUALITY of your food/health]. In fact, a huge chunk of my pay is dedicated to make my tummy happy. A happy tummy is a happy heart, and so it's not surprising why I also got into the
food business!

Food is also one of my top priorities when I travel, during my first time in KL, I indulged in their street food strip known as "hawkers". Their food is so flavorful (and spicy), thanks to gazillion spices God knows I can't even pronounce, that I think I ate too much, I ended up with bumps and rashes. I didn't know where exactly I got the allergies but I still ate there the second time around, though I made sure I was armed with some anti-histamines. LOL.

Honestly, this post is written for the sole purpose of showing you these pictures. I spent my whole Saturday buying, marinating and cooking these yummy Kebabs, each made from scratch, with fresh spices (some are secret), no instant marinades! So believe it or not, yours truly can cook, and happen to be good at it. Ahem.

I guess my grandmothers successfully passed their kitchen genes to me. My mom's mama is a certified Kapampangan cook, and you know how "Cabalens" rate in the kitchen, while my dad's mama is a certified Tagala who got her cooking skills from her Spanish descent and through years of feeding 8 children! =)

Enjoy the photos, and I assure you, they taste as good as they look!

Messy. But that's how I get the magic going.

Shrimp. Fish. Meat. Veggies.

Slowly but Surely.

After half day of work in the kitchen, my mom, auntie and the Sweets had all the fun!

If you want to experience these authentic Kebabs (in bigger servings) and MORE, you may visit our new Resto and Grill, ZYNC, which we will be soft launching on June 04, Friday, 6pm onwards. I’ll post the formal invites soon. =)

Zync Kebab & Grill
209 Aguirre St., BF Homes,
ParaƱaque City
0917 5619670

Your NeuroChiq,

Monday, May 24, 2010

CREATIVE CALL: Join KFC's Sweet Escape Promo!

For the love of sharing BEAUTIFUL things, I skipped my afternoon retouch session and blogged about this instead! Oh yes, I love you like that. =)

[And also because I'm soo overwhelmed by the positive response/entries to my SILVER BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY that ends tomorrow!]

Call your barkada NOW, grab your trusty camera and join KFC's Sweet Escape Photo Contest.

Click to enlarge the photos below to see the mechanics, or head directly to their website by clicking HERE.

But I should warn you, me and my GFs are such fab (and somehow geeky) travelers, and with 400,00 peso worth of getaway at stake, you're in for a competition, baby! Dead. Serious. =P

Sweetest escape, everyone! *smooches*

Your NeuroChiq,

Friday, May 21, 2010

Last 5 Days to join my GIVEAWAY!

5 more days before my Silver Birthday Giveaway ends! I will be giving out 3 packages come May 25, so join now by clicking HERE.

Have a happy weekend, tonight is Videoke Night with my cousins! I hope you have a good one, too!
Much Much Love,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Of Family, Dresses and Slippers over Doughnuts

Happy Monday! Pat me on my back, because I SELDOM see Mondays as anything close to happy. But a soulful weekend gave me all the reason to be fresh and sparkling despite getting up early on my least favorite day.

So where have I been? Nowhere really.

A manicure session with my mom, not in a salon, but in our very own veranda.
Have I told you how great she is when it comes to nails?
Photo VIA

A taste of alcohol, after months (or years?) of being fully sober.
Photo VIA

Me and my FEMALE cousins have this notoriously high alcohol tolerance -- not sure if it has something to do with our genes -- that our male cousins, BFs and friends find weird but equally amusing. But amongst us, I got the mojo for liquors instead of beer, which I exercised fully during my haywire drinking days, until I got tired of it and left the glass untouched not until last Friday with my most favorite female cuz, and my cuz-in-law to be. Good times!

Talking about wedding gowns for my cousin's bride-to-be, Kyle, our OWN DRESSES and of course, the W-I-L-D Bridal Shower that I will be spearheading for her!!! The Sweets will plan the Stag Party for the groom, well, let's just see who gets the most fun. LOL.
Photo VIA

Attending the BF's uncle's birthday with everyone telling me how much weight I lost. I can't wipe off my grin until bedtime! And it gave me a license to get another serving of ice cream. *woot*
Photo VIA

Photo VIA
And just when we're about to grab some desserts after a satisfying Sunday dinner, we came across this little girl, barefooted, selling sampaguita (flowers for altars) to cars stopping for the red signal. If my heart can explode that moment, then my BF would have been mopping the dashboard for the next hour. I'm wearing heels, and there's no way my gigantic 8.5 sandals will fit this little girl, so the BF drove to the nearest store we can find, and bought this nice pink slippers with rhinestones –- much like a princess -- and headed back to her spot. It fits her like Cinderella, and then we totally forgot about the doughnuts! =p
My weekend was ordinary, far from special nor extravagant, but what made it soulful is the fact that I can find happiness and content in the company of people I love in the most normal instances : mom, family, friends, the Sweetie, who may not become my groom (as we're not sold on getting married as of present), but will surely be the BEST dad if and when the time comes we want kids. I’m feeling loved down to my veins.

I hope you had a great weekend, and if you did, tell me about it! =)

Much Much Love,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Day After "THE DAY"

A day after the Philippine National Election, I'm still in awe. My voting experience is actually bitter sweet. At 9am, Sweets and I drove his mom to her precint, hoping to finish early, but it turned out that 9am is a tad too late. Her precint was located on the third level of a HS building, but upon arriving, the line already reached ground floor! The reason for this? A PCOS machine malfunctioned. After nearly an hour of waiting in the open grounds, with the sun shining mercilessly, we decided to leave. BF's mom has hypertension and already suffered from stroke 3 years ago, and the situation was just too risky for her. In fact, two men were brought down from the precints in stretchers, probably passed out because of the heat! Scary sight.

After lunch, I drove home to fetch mom and to vote (I saw Cavite police and some politician's private army exchange fires in the highway!), but with the earlier ordeal, I decided to sleep first and just vote late in the afternoon. And that was the best decision ever. We arrived at our precint at 6:20 pm, no more lines, and though the public school classrooms were still very humid, at least we were spared from the killer afternoon heat and from claustrophobia.

The voting procedures were fairly easy, and I'm done in less than 10 minutes! But what really surprised me is that I already saw unofficial tallies that same night! Before I went to bed, they are already at 59%! It's a HUGE HUGE improvement from the manual elections where you have to wait for weeks and even months to see the results --thus, giving more time and opportunities for cheating, and worse, for violence.

We are nearing 100% as I type this, and though my presidential and vice-presidential bets didn't make it, I'm just too glad to have exercised my right, and became part of this historical moment. And though there are technical glitches here and there (hey, it's our first!), let's admit it, automation made a LOT OF WONDERFUL DIFFERENCE. Voting is one important step, but our plates are full in the coming days, not only for the president-to-be, but for each Juans and Marias (Filipinos). God Bless our land in the next six years!

Oh BTW, hot momma Shobe of LittleBeautyBag is holding an Anniv/Mom's Day Giveaway, do check her blog for details, okay? And start reading her posts, I'm sure you'll love her as much as I do! Goodluck! See the pretty things she prepared below. =)

Much Much Love,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Product Review: Afforda-LIPS by Paintbox

The much awaited weekend is here, and a long one at that! PLEASE exercise your right to vote on Monday, okay? We have NO RIGHT to rant about our country and our poor government if we ditch our right to vote in the first place.

Moving on, the title is a huge clue. Today, I'm reviewing some affordable lippies that can actually wow you for its price and quality. I'm talking about the not-so-new Bench Paintbox Lipsticks. You see, I stopped buying any makeup product from Bench after HS, since my taste became a bit more interested with brands that really specialize in cosmetics. But one afternoon, after wandering for a good hour in PCX, I checked neighboring Bench shop, and like a perfect movie setting, their yummy hand sanitizers are displayed just beside the makeup counter, and so I swatched and purchased two staple colors anyway: JUICY RED and PINK POSH.

If there's something that appealed to me more than the price tag, it's definitely the neat packaging. I failed to take a picture of the box, but it's shiny silver and pink with a nice font, and I hope you agree with me that the tube is very elegant and looks expensive, eh?

Bench Paintbox Lipstick - Super lovely packaging!
Php 198.00 or about USD 4.50

Pink Posh and Juicy Red

On lips:

Juicy Red (with flash)

Pink Posh (with flash)

Sorry for not posting non-flash photos, I don't have enough good lighting in my bedroom at night.

- Elegant packaging
- Very affordable
- Lots of colors to choose from (I believe I saw about 10)
- Doesn't have a waxy smell
- With SPF 15
- Nice color payoff
- Lasting power is good enough (I apply in the morning, lunch and before going home)
- Creamy

- The tube is pretty to look at, but not very comfortable to hold because of its sharp edges, but I like it still =)
- Smells like CHOCOLATE! I love chocolate, but not on my lipstick
- A little drying when worn alone

Overall Verdict: 8.5/10 I got more than what I expected. For Php198.00, this is definitely a good buy. IMO, staying power is better than NYX, and though it tends to dry my lips a bit, a swipe of balm before applying this lipstick solves the problem. The SPF is quite low, but still better than none. If you want creamy, shiny lips without the glitters (I personally hate it), then go ahead and buy one. Just be careful because this tends to plump lips, so gloss is not really necessary. =)
NOTE: Pink Posh and Juicy Red are both loud and attention grabbers, which is cool and fine with me. Hot pink is really in these days with the reign of cult favorites NARS Schiap and MAC Pink Nouveau! (Though they are a lot pricier) Pair it with neutral or muted eyes and expect people to stare at your juicy puckers all the time =D It's summer anyway, so it won't hurt to have fun and loosen up a bit! But if you're still not into it, then try other Paintbox colors at the nearest Bench shop in your place. Me suggests the ORCHID POP! =)

And if you want to win free tickets to the Then & Now Massive Music Festival on May 15, hop on to Azrael's site, and join his generous contest. Poster is on my side bar, too. =)

With all these said and done, I'm kissing you goodbye for now because I'm meeting freaky Freddie Krueger tonight!
**Hugs Hugs**

Much Much Love,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crying Over Akita

Red eyes and swollen lids, that's what greeted me this morning. But I'm not problematic (not that much), I'm just a cry baby when it comes to animals - dogs, cats, horse, anything but rodents. Last night, Sweets and I tested the 32" JVC LCD TV we bought for our restobar ( I badly want one for my room!!! =[), and since it's a workday, I wanted something light, a feel good movie that is HACHI: A Dog's Tale.

But alas, I was sobbing like a kid half the time, and another 30 minutes after watching. Touching won't even fit the bill. If you're a dog lover like me, lucky us! If you're not, Hachi can still change your mind.

I won't spoil your mood, just grab that DVD and tell your seatmate you might soak his/her shirt. =P

And my, it's a true story. Curious me has researched about this wonder dog years before this movie.

Happy Wednesday Watching!

Much Love,

2009 remake movie stars Richard Gere

The REAL Hachi. Now if I can only afford an Akita.

And of course, the Hachis of my life!

1 year old Lab Retriever
Sweets is in charge of taking care of him. With his Size & ADHD, there's no way I can handle him alone! =)

1.5 years old mixed breed Tzu