Monday, November 22, 2010

BFF Date by Clean and Clear!

Two weeks ago, my bestfriend, Tara, invited me to join her to the Clean & Clear BFF Date Challenge in Mall of Asia. I haven't seen her for a while (and by that I mean 2 weeks) and thought it was the perfect opportunity for us to attend as bloggers, meet other blogger GFs, and of course, to date!

Clean & Clear Philippines posted this challenge to blogger BFFs in line with the launching of their Facebook Application called BFF 8 Date. The bestfriend duos will have to choose a theme from the FB application that best represent them, then do 8 activities together, 1 activity per hour which will be documented in a single photo each. The last challenge? Be oil free and look fab the whole time! =)

Tara and I were torn in choosing our theme, choices being ART, FASHION, SPORTS, FOOD, and MUSIC. We are both into kikay stuff, like clothes and makeup, that we thought choosing fashion would be so normal if not boring for us. We finally decided on ARTS, since we think arts can be infused in everything, in fashion, sports, even food. After deciding on the perfect team, we went on to accomplish the perfect date!

While downing a tub of green tea yogurt at Red Mango, a brilliant idea popped up, and that is to add a theme song for every activity/photo; we were so kilig with the thought of our favorite songs and making a playlist, you can almost see stars in our eyes! Just like our thesis "eureka" days!

So here they are, please expect Dang & Tara cheesy overload. ;-)

Hour 1
Task: Write a Poem for your BFF

Hour 2
Task: Capture your BFF's persona in a single photo
Dang is Sunshiny while Tara is Bubbly!

Hour 3
One of the things we love most: MUSIC

Hour 4
Task: Paint a portrait of your BFF
Aminin, the drawing is cuteness! =P

Hour 5
A girl's other BFF: Jewelries & Diamonds

Hour 6
Task: Sidewalk Markings
And also because we have this habit of taking a photo of our feet on the beach, diba sis?

Hour 7
We're friends for more than a decade, since we were silly teenagers!

Hour 7
We may look superficial, but hey, don't mess with kikay scholars. ;-P

The date was a huge, fun success, not only because we completed the tasks and produced a very nice online scrapbook called Sunshine Rhythm (which you can support & like in FB, thank you!), but more so because it gave us the chance to document our friendship, and appreciate how wonderful it is, and will be in the coming years. We had I hate you days I tell you, but it just made our pact deeper and stronger. Truly, it's always a fun day with her!
Congratulations to Janey & Madz for winning the challenge. You can also document your date with your BFF and win fab prizes by clicking HERE. Have lots of fun!
Your NeuroChiq,

BFF Birthday Blues

My BFF Tara would probably kill me for blogging about this (Hello, mimi!), more so because it's her birthday last Saturday, but I just find this instance so funny not to be shared. And also because it reminds me how well we know each other, that we seem to have developed anti-bodies for each other's b*tch modes.

*Text snippets, not verbatim*

Me: Sis, sorry we can't push thru with our original night out plan on Friday, I'm off to La Union and Y (another GF) has a bazaar. You want to meet Sunday at her bazaar?
BFF: Hmm, I don't really want to spend my birthday at a bazaar.
Me: I know!!! I mean Sunday, day after your birthday.
BFF: Kahit pa. It's okay.
Me: How about we go out next Friday?
BFF: It's okay, it's not my idea in the first place anyway.
Me: Let me know if you don't want to push through, I know you have other plans so I don't want to impose naman. I'm just trying to set up another date, but it's up to you.
BFF: I don't have other plans other than the concert, it's just unnerving that we had plans this Friday so naexcite nako, then di natuloy. My point is, ayoko ngayon but baka next week gusto ko na. I hope you understand. (*Major tampo mode*)
Me: As I've said, it's up to you. Text me when you're done with your tantrums. (*Major trying to be diplomatic mode*)

*Imagine a mental catfight*

BFF: I'm okay on Sunday, but I really don't want the bazaar.
Me: We can reset this week, wag kana magtampo dyan, anu ba.
BFF: Sorry naman, I'm hormonal these days!

And we're set to Cafe Juanita tomorrow! Belated Happy Birthday, BFF! I love love you to bits, and that includes all of your mind states. I hope you bear with me as much. *MUAH*

Photo from our Clean & Clear BFF Date (post to follow)

My world is a loooot colorful with a bestfriend that's fun, spontaneous and can be hell crazy with me. Don't you love having one? =)

Your NeuroChiq,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My L'oreal INOA Experience at Straight and Smooth Salon

Can you believe that at age 7, I already wanted to color my hair? Yes, at 7! For my big celebration, my mom had this brilliant idea of having my hair permed with telephone curls (now I know where I got the kikay mojo so she can't blame me!), and although it turned out okay, my black hair made it look stiff and lifeless, much like the hair of the giant walking doll I got as a gift. I bugged my mom and our local parlorista to dye my hair lighter, just like my older cousins and they naturally said no.

In highschool, one of the biggest things I waited for during summer vacations, were the chance to finally dye my hair and flaunt it during family beach escapades and baguio road trips. On my third year, I cut my hair super short and had it colored too. Much like Posh's do in this photo albeit less gorgeous. ;-P
But alas, I got a call from our school director that I was one of the honor students and need to attend the commencement excercise scheduled the following month. There's no way I'll go back to black, I had my dye for merely 2 weeks and it's not cheap. I even saved my allowances for it! To cut the story short, redhead me attended the ceremony and gathered so much attention and disappointment from our conservative priests that I was reprimanded not to attend anymore school activities in that do. HAHA.
College is no different, I attended a State University that's almost on Martial Law. No peep toes, no tattered pants on wash days and most importantly, no dyed hair. I was denied from entering the campus a couple of times. And so I promised myself to dye my hair to death when I finish school, and that's exactly what I did. *Big Grin*
Going back, I've been a loyal L'oreal Hair Care user but this is the first time I'm trying the revolutionary L'oreal Professional INOA Hair Color. Shout out to my friend, Jheng for letting me try this! (Hugs, Jhengky!) I'm very happy that L'oreal came out with ammonia free products that save us the itchy, burned scalp and irritated nose which I truly truly hate.
I headed to Straight & Smooth Salon in Amorsolo St., Makati. They opened last June and I'm lucky to be one of their first customers. Double lucky also that Andrea Zulueta, the owner, is there and graciously attended to me personally. Andrea, together with Honey their senior stylist trained by INOA, assessed my hair and asked me what hair colors and treatments I've used before, and other stuff like that which can help them determine the best for me.
Andrea told me that I need to undergo two steps, first is to strip down residues of my previous colors before going to second which is the actual INOA application. It took longer than my usual hair coloring in the past but if that means I'll get rid of the residues and make my hair more ready to absorb INOA, then I'm fine with it. After all, they have wi-fi and magazines to keep me company anyway. =)
BEFORE INOA. A good four inches of regrowth. Eek!

Straight & Smooth Salon Lounge
A good, comfy area for friends and boyfies to wait for you

Crisp, Clean and Relaxing. No noisy showbiz oriented show on TV and chatters!!!

Yummy cookies, iced tea and coffee for free! I'm a spoiled customer! =)

Fast wi-fi, loaned netbook and magazines. I finished reading Charice's story from OK!

My chosen one: 6.46, this according to Andrea will make me a redhead then will eventually
fade into a beautiful red brown.

Camwhoring before the INOA magic begins! =)

It feels good that the owner, Andrea, is hands on. She personally attended to me, not to mention that I came in very late already. Thanks, Andrea! You're very sweet! =)

A few more hours...

Finally, my new, fiery hair! I love it!
With their friendly staff and stylist, Honey.

Andrea & Me
Forgive the haggard look ha?

The morning after.
I woke up with SUPER BRILLIANT HAIR! I feel like a redhead goddess! Hihi.

Here are my thoughts on Straight & Smooth Salon and L'oreal INOA Hair Color:
Straight & Smooth Salon
- Crisp, clean ambiance. The white and blue colors are inviting and refreshing to the eye.
- Friendly, but not overly friendly staff. They will talk to you, answer your questions but are not annoying, and most importantly, no hard selling. Yey!
- The personal touch of the owner is a major plus!
- Located in Makati, where many of girls I know work at. Unfortunate for me because I'm form Alabang, and as of now, they have no branch nearer my place.
- I love it that they have wi-fi and will even loan you the netbook if you don't have your gadget with you. The cookies and coffee are also yum!
- Tip boxes make it less awkward to leave our appreciation tokens

L'oreal INOA Hair Color
- Contrary to popular belief, there's still sting on the scalp during the process, but it's milder compared to traditional dyes. My scalp is very sensitive, so I kinda expected this already.
- No strong ammonia smell! I came out of the salon with sweet smelling hair! Super like! =)
- Non-drying. My hair looked healthier and shinier compared to previous coloring systems I've used.
- VERY BRILLIANT COLORS. Hands down, this really delivered. The color is bright, intense, and with superb coverage. I received several queries from my collegues and friends where I had my hair done. Galing!
- Hairfall is minimal. My hairfall usually severes after every hair coloring, but it's not that bad with INOA.
- Price is a bit steep compared to regular hair color, for my super long hair, INOA will cost around Php 2,500. But IMO, it's a quality product that won't damage your hair so it's well worth it. =)

Whew. That's quite a long post, comment your queries away if I missed anything. I'll be happy to do a revisit. Have a great Monday!
Much Love,

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Deserve My TV Time

Hello Hello! What have I been up to lately? Well, I decided this week will be a lighter one, so I usually go home early, and catch up on my viewing time. I'm a TV freak, or laptop freak, or however I get to watch my movies and TV series. Though I listen to radio too, I don't regard it as an activity, but rather a sort of backgrounder, while watching on the other hand, is a sacred state to me. A reason why I took up Communications, is because of my addiction to news, TV series, movies, documentaries, anything under the boob tube really.

When I'm glued, try not to talk to me, because I'll probably ask you again about it at a later time. It's an intellectual love affair between me and the show, so I'm not entertaining third parties okay? ;-)

So what are the things I watch most of the time you ask? Anything other than Tagalog love stories. I'm not saying anymore why, so don't crucify me. Of course I watch Tagalog telenovelas (I'm liking this new one called Beauty Queen from GMA), variety shows, news and documentaries. I totally love them! I just do away with SUPER uncomfortable cheesy Tagalog lines in movies, and overrated love teams and made up publicities. That's it.

So, here are my lighter fares the past days:

Who haven't heard of Facebook? If you haven't, maybe you're living up too far! This is the story of the founding and resulting scandals and lawsuits of the most popular social networking so far. I will not dwell on the story or the acting, they pretty passed my taste, especially the lead actor, Jesse Eisenberg who played Mark Zuckerberg. The geek and now youngest billionnaire in the world! One thing is sure though, things you do, will sure catch up on you.

I'm the scary, gory type of girl, and Piranha delivered in that aspect. But I found myself laughing in most parts, because this movie is heavily exaggerated to the point of ridiculous. And a lot of unnecessary boob exposures too. Boo!

What can I say, Danny Trejo stars as Machete as part of Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse. If you're cool with chopped heads, one-eyed Michelle Rodriguez and Lindsay Lohan dressed as a nun, then this can be an entertaining watch. A truly star studded B movie!

Starring the not so little Bow Wow in this comedy about a young lad from the projects who won the lottery that changed his life, especially the people around him! It's so timely to watch this because no one has won the biggest prize (Php 400M) from Philippine Lotto so far. It will make you think twice on how to spend your money, in case that lucky bastard is you.

My newest addiction after Supernatural is still bloody as hell! The Walking Dead is a new TV series about the aftermath of a Zombie apocalypse and the struggle of a few survivors from getting killed by the walkers and holding on to their sanity. It stars the gorgeous Andrew Lincoln (but my heart still belongs to Jensen Ackles) and is now on its third episode. I AM HOOKED.

These are not my personal selection, since I just grab whatever the Sweetie has downloaded, but has kept me entertained nonetheless. I can't wait for the weekend to lazy around and watch some more, before I head to Thunderbird Resort in La Union next week to sing Mama Mia and hit the beach Santorini style! Yay!
Have a great weekend, loves! I hope you're enjoying as much or even more than I am. =)
Much Love,

Monday, November 8, 2010

NeuroEVENT: Philippine Fashion Week. ALMOST.

I won tickets for the PFW Show last Saturday, October 30. My friend K also won, so we decided to invite our girlfriends to come along since this can be the perfect girl date! Unfortunately, she didn't get her tickets on time, so we came in very late. As in last walk kind of late. ROFL. So I wasn't able to take photos of the actual show (hence, no review), since I'm more keen in watching the last bit than digging into my bag to get my camera. It's a jungle out there, I tell you.

But we're a bunch of happy girls, that we didn't let that ruin our moods. Instead, we took photos on the runway, and greeted familiar faces. The date must go on so we headed and fattened ourselves with surprisingly sweeter (rather than hot) Thai food from Jatujak, and pushed our sins further with Sebastian's ChillyBurgers.

Just goes to show that anything can turn out fine when you have the right people around!

Jumpsuit Dress: BKK
Animal Print Scarf: swiped from one of my bag
Bag: Michaela
Accessories: Seasons
Shoes: Mario D' Boro

Me, Kristel & Libay

The obligatory PFW wall shot

While trying to sneak in. ;-P

At Sinful Sebastian's Ice Cream

Cookie Monster

I missed a lot from the show, but then again, there's always a next time. I'll be content with stalking your PFW posts for now! Kainis! =)
Your NeuroChiq,

Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm All Fired Up

Today, I attended a planning session in one of our expat's home in AAV. To say that it's a nice house doesn't do any justice. It is in fact, a mother effin' dream house! With spacious living roomS, old style brick patio, a garage that fits five cars and two bicycles, a ceiling so high you get the Ayala mall feel, projectors in every room and a sparkling pool where their jeweled Collie jumps every morning. And don't get me started with the bathrooms. I'm in euphoria that all I remember was the coconut lime scent.

I'm not one to be impressed and just stop at being that. It gave me certain kind of high, that in fact, propelled me more towards my goals. I don't mind having a budget car, but I want a nice house of my own. Something I bought or built with my own money. Not my parents', and not even my future partner's. This home you see, will have its every brick, tile and nail, pass by the "Dang OC meter."

I can imagine the details, the prints and hues of my bathroom tiles, the mismatched colors of my sofa and pillow, which makes it more interesting, the splash of colors in every room, the thick drapes that will save me the migraine. I can almost taste the excitement, the anxiety, the familiar stress I've come to love.

I'm not a dreamer, not exactly. I'd rather be a visionary. And I want my dream home by 30. I can see it. I'm all fired up.

Are you this passionate on your goals? Kiss & tell me! =)

Much Love,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beauty & Minerals Anniversary Sale!

Christmas really, is in the air! Generosity is everywhere, and not only for a day but for the whole of November!
Please visit our dear Sophie's Beauty & Minerals site to avail of her 4th year anniversary sale or just drop by to greet this lovely lady!
Best of luck and much much LOVE, B&M! =)

Your NeuroChiq,