Sunday, March 25, 2012

OOTD: The School Girl

Really quick OOTD post before I hit the bed in preparation for a manic Monday! I never had the chance to wear this kind of uniform back in High School, so when I saw this plaid mini skirt in the Northgate Bazaar last Christmas, I got it without blinking. I wore this ensemble in one of the most unforgiving product launch planning I have done in my career so far, and it actually kept me cool and sane even after working for 10 hours straight. Must be the "feeling High School" energy that kept me going. :)

Black sleeveless top (gift from mom)
Plaid Mini - Northgate, Alabang Bazaar
Liquid Leggings - YRYS
Ankle Booties - from HK

Incidentally, I'm watching Britney Spears on BIO as I type this. When people hear her name, the first thing to remember is Britney singing "Hit Me Baby One More Time", in this similar naughty girl outfit, yeah? If this springboard her to great success, then I'll wear this outfit more often! :)

Goodnight, loves! Enjoy a week of rain liquid sunshine! :)

From the Nook, 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Making People More Beautiful: My First Official Gig

I love making people more beautiful. I say more, because all of us are indeed beautiful! In so many ways we may not see nor understand. I like doing hair and makeup so much that in fact, I've done so many pro bono work in the past - from my University days (I've done makeup for fashion shows and beauty contests), occasions in the family, up to my professional work in the agency. If you need a quick makeup fix before an event or a date, drop by my area and I'll be more than happy to include you in the roster of my guinea pigs. :)

But beauty for me, does not stop with looking good, wearing fashionable clothes and sporting flawless makeup. Beauty for me transcends the physical looks and goes really skin-deep. Beauty is a feeling of content, of acceptance, of seeing the best in yourself and everyone around you. If I can make someone feel beautiful about themselves by recognizing their presence, appreciating their strengths and helping them be aware of their unique blessedness, then I guess I'm being faithful to my personal mission of being a source of joy for my fellow men.

On the other hand, we can't deny that makeup, creative style, and a lot of confidence are some of the best tools in our arsenal, and nothing is stopping us from using them, right? And boy I'm so glad that I'm given this gift and chance to highlight the beauty that's after all, is innate in everyone. :)

Meet Jade. She was very shy and timid at the start of her pre-debut pictorial, but with encouragement, flirty locks and age-appropriate makeup, she eventually blossomed into one fine, confident lady. I was like a big sister rooting for her baby sis all the while! :)

Jade's Pre-debut Pictorial 
Photographer: Keanne Villar
Hair & MU Artist: Dang Villanueva 
Stylist & Creative Director: Team Karen & Dang 
Location: Studio 1401

Cheers to celebrating beauty everyday! :) 

From the Nook, 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Note to Self: Cure Stress this Weekend!

I stayed up late last night for a major client presentation this morning. In fact, I woke up twice through the night and finally got up from bed three minutes before my alarm burst into a frenzy. That's how paranoid and anxious I am about this campaign that has kept me and my team on the go that we're practically working in transit jumping from one meeting to another. (Not complaining, I'm a happy slave of work. Hihi.)

Speaking of stress, J brought me to Makati this morning, because for some unexplainable reason, public vans were nowhere to be found in Las Pinas. I rushed up the boardroom and did my magic. Towards the middle of the presentation, my phone beeped.

"I just got home. Good luck to your presentation, and don't let yourself get too stressed, babe. You always push yourself too much. Relax a bit!" - J

Just like that, I realized that J is right. I've been working hard since I embraced the agency life again last year, and even more when I got this big, wild account two months ago. I used to get weekly massages and pleasurable mall walks on weekends. Now I wonder when was the last time I did that? 

This is all I can think about! I'll probably try the four-hand massage in one of my suking spa in BF Homes, what do you think?

I need to get some relaxation, lest I'll be burned out and turn crazy. 

I promised myself to go malling and to shop for new clothes and shoes, before melting body aches with a good massage on Saturday night. Luck is on my side, because Forever 21 Makati is also on sale this weekend! It's time to get new pairs of pants; their stretch denims fit me and my womanly curves so well! :)

On March 16: Present your F21 Mastercard AND SMAC/BDO Rewards, get 20% off on regular items with a minimum purchase of P5,000 until 12nn only.
Present your SMAC/BDO Rewards OR SMAC/BDO Rewards, and get 10% off on regular items, until 12nn only.
On March 16 12nn onwards, until March 18, F21 Mastercard holders can get 10% off on regular items, with a minimum purchase of P5,000.
*BDO cardholders can avail of 5% rebate with a minimum purchase of P5,000 for all 3 days.

Are you a Forever21 fan, too? Then let's say hi when we bump on each other this weekend! And please, please. Don't be stubborn like me, make sure to take some time to relax during weekends. Go to bed early as much as possible (guilty as charged!), take supplements, do sports or any form of exercise and take care of yourself in every way possible. Your body will thank you for it, five, ten, twenty years from now!

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Gratitude List: Starting March with a Big Bang!

I've noticed that March is always good to me. It was in a sunny March when I started on my first job and earned real money. It was in March when I met the love of my life. It was March last year when I took the leap of faith, left my guarded life and pursued my passion.

Now, March has barely started, and I'm already overwhelmed with the many things happening with my life. This month can bring milestones or not, but I'm grateful for every little blessings nonetheless. :)

For having the guts to cut my hair, or half at least

For feeling 10 years younger!

Because every woman needs all the protection she can get!

For lovely girlfriends K and S!

For a new gang where each one is cool and funny and very colorful

For a job I really really enjoy! Photo taken during AutoIndustriya's Speedfest at Subic International Airport

Hey, sexy!

Best of all, I'll have my first official makeup gig on Sunday! Yay! I'm super excited to make someone pretty for her 18th birthday, but equally anxious as well. Please wish me luck! :)

Have a happy weekend, loves!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Beach Alert: What to do with Jellyfish Sting

Ola! I just came back from an awesome weekend on the beach of Mindoro (Puerto Galera) where I originally planned to attend the Malasimbo Arts & Music Festival but ended up being cozy and lazy on the far end of the beach for three days. Besides, the Festival costs almost three thousand pesos for three nights, but I'm only staying for two, and so I scrimped and opted not to go this year.

As the title suggests, surprise, I got stung by a Jellyfish! I worked on this post as soon as I hit Manila because I'd like to share the experience to fellow beach lovers so that they would know what to do in such case.

So my little accident happened very quickly. Barely five minutes in the water, I suddenly felt this piercing, stingy sensation on my left hand and arm. The pain is intolerable, like hundreds of needles pierced me in one go. I knew something's not right, so I lift my hand out of the water and saw this transparent, sticky tentacles around my wrist. I freaked out and removed the tentacles with my left hand and asked my new friends, Dado and Gerardo, to pull me out of the water. I knew that vinegar should help in early treatment of jellyfish sting, but since my friends are still looking for some, I made the biggest mistake of washing my hand and arm with tap water and soap which made me squirm in pain. Apparently, fresh water reactivates the stinging cells of the tentacles, and thus, causes more pain and swelling - OUCH! The vinegar made it better by neutralizing the stinging cells,I also took two pain relievers and anti-histamine. My hand felt a little numb with hot stinging sensation all throughout the first night, and even a light touch makes me cringe. 

As of today, swelling is gone, but I have nasty spots all over my right hand and arm. I bought anti-inflammatory and anti-puritic cream to manage the spots. Thankfully, my allergic reaction is mild, and I  didn't get nauseous nor feverish - signs of severe allergic reaction that needs immediate medical treatment because it can be lethal.

The red spots go all the way to my forearm and back of my hand.

If you ever get stung by a Jellyfish, here's what you have to do:

1. Remove the tentacles with stick, tweezers, credit card or towel -NOT YOUR BARE HANDS! The fingers I used were affected, too. 

2. Wash the affected area with seawater. Do not use fresh or tap water. Fresh water will cause any stinging cells that haven't fired (called nematocysts) to do so and release their venom, possibly worsening the situation. This was what exactly happened to me. =( 

3. Use vinegar or baking soda to deactivate the toxin. Leave it on for 30 minutes. Hot compress can also lessen the pain. For your own good, do not pee on it! It can cause more irritation and is just gross!

4. Take anti-histamines and pain killers. Anti-bacterial cream will also help.

5. Observe the victim. Swelling is normal, but should subside after a few hours. Swelling and red spots on other parts of the body other than the affected area is a sign of severe allergic reaction. Fever and vomiting, too. If any of these occur, seek medical attention ASAP!

On a lighter note, my new girlfriend Simone, told me that at least I got stung by a Jellyfish once in my life, and so I can tick it off my bucket list! LOL. Also, I understand that this is really one of the risks of having fun under the sun, and any interaction with nature, can still be good. Besides, I now have the perfect excuse to be fash-yon (fashionable) and wear gloves in the office. In fact, I saw some leopard gloves in a bazaar weeks ago, and I hope to go back and find them! =) 

It's also good to find some anti-Jellyfish lotions (I heard it's being sold somewhere - let me know if you have a clue!), since I'm not slowing down on visiting as many beaches as I can. At the end of the day, all the expenses and even the sting are worth it!

Worth it? Why effin' not!

Happy Monday, loves!

From the Nook,