Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Water, Sand and STARS

Spontaneity is one inherent quality I have. I act and decide without requiring outside influence or approvals most of the time, and it dates back from my pre-school years. I attended a DISC workshop last year [you should try it, too! make sure you get the Eric Villarama session] which finally gave me the reason behind my eternal pursuit for thrill and last minute exploration. Let's just say my nerves are sluggish, and it needs a good a amount of stimulation and stress to wakeup, but when they do, it's sugar rush, and I'll be up, and hyped, and giddy for the next hours, days or even weeks. It's a natural drug.
Belonging to the Dominant chunk explains why I'm an impulsive shopper, obsessive compulsive, control-freak, and sometimes, a stupid daredevil. I onced climbed an unfamiliar mountain for hours, in search for a virgin falls. I have no trekking gears, just an old reebok, water and a camera. We hung our lives on mere vines! I also dream (and WILL try) bungee jumping and anything that can put my life on the line, and you can be sure that I'm not kidding. =) I even wanted to be a news reporter assigned in war stricken Basilan!
But now, after several years from college, with more responsibilities on my plate, my "dream for extremes" took a backseat, and all I can practically do these days are spontaneous travels --- and the latest is a split second beach escape.

One Friday late night:
D: (holding a Bacardi-cola-lemon in a glass) I'm tired, and bored. Let's have a weekend getaway!
J: Err, where?
D: to the beach! (Stood up and asked for the bill)

And we were in Puerto Galera the next morning. If it were a payday Friday, we would have booked a flight and flew to Boracay or CamSur, but I'm spontaneous, not impractical. Besides, my last visit to the island was 3 years ago, and so it's worth visiting again, and boy, it didn't disappoint me at all!
Bright and Sunny
Warm and Cozy
Spontaneous beach trip means I have to buy a new swimsuit from the island shops
Happy Happy Me

In all fairness to their tourism council, there were lots of improvements done. The perimeter walls were defined and cemented (it used to be piles of ugly coco lumber), the shores are much much cleaner than I remember it to be (I've seen trash pickers along the beach every morning), there were lots of bars and restaurants (even Shakey's, Tia Maria's and BTIC --- and they accept credit cards, too), some benches and tents with cute jetski tables, a good addition to their water activities like sand surfing and parasailing (they only offer snorkling, jetski and banana boat before) and the gay performers have discovered a new talent other than mimicking Lady Gaga (it was Pussycat dolls years ago) --- Fire Dancing! The only thing that I found a bit annoying was the endless peddlers, offering massages, accesories, green mangoes, boat rentals, and overpriced peanuts! But aside from that, it's Love.

I was supposed to ask my BFF to come with us, and bring her date, but I know she will be hitting Boracay also a few days after, and since it was really a spur of the moment thing, we spared our friends because they sure have orderly lives than us --- and sadly, a planned vacation is 50% cancelled, yeah?

I'm a water creature, but more than the clear blue seas, offwhite sands, good food, music and entertainment, the most brilliant thing we did was STAR GAZING, and everything that came with it. They were like diamonds in the black velvet sky, and the only thing I hear after the faint bar music, was my heartbeat, not even waves. Cheesy as it may sound, we stayed there, lying on the beach, for hours staring at the heavens, and for the first time in a long while, I felt completely at peace. I was like in trance, I've seen my life for the last few years, and I wondered over and over again, if I did the right choices or have I given back enough goodness in this world. I'm demanding, and whiny, and stubborn, but never was I unkind. And to tell you frankly, I have loads of sad stories and hurtful experiences, that can very well turn me into a heartless monster with my dad leaving, and our family finances in crumbles. But God is so great, and so faithful, that He did the exact opposite. He made me strong, stronger than I ever thought I could be, more responsible, more caring. I found my strength in giving hope to my family --- my mom. And to top it all, He blessed me with SO SO MUCH, that I know I can't just keep it in my closet, and so I pass my blessings to other people.

As I closed my eyes, I literally tapped my left shoulder and whispered "not bad, babe...not bad." The next thing I know, the fire dancing started again.

Trust me, he's happy like that. =)

The infamous Mindoro Sling

If I get to see the beach more often, I'll be happy to endure more hot months to come. Have a great weekend girls, and let's all be inspired and renewed this lenten season.

Much Much Love,


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Run for Something Beautiful

March is women's month, and though I live each of my days celebrating being a woman, I didn't pass on the opportunity to celebrate with my fellow amazing beings by participating in the 5th Pinay in Action All Women's Run.

I'm no expert, and my only experience in running was courtesy of the trusty treadmill; well, I tried jogging in the village court for like two Saturdays, and that's it. But as soon as I received the invite, and realized that it will benefit a handful of cervical cancer warriors, I registered in a jiff.

If I were to tell you two things about me, that would be 1) I CAN'T sleep before 12 midnight and 2) I CAN'T get up before 8AM. Make it three. 3) I'm always late. The run starts at 5:30 AM, so kill me. The Sweets and I dragged my lazy butt to Mall of Asia Grounds and registered half awake. But as soon as I saw hundreds of women in different shapes, colors and nationalities, all wearing bright pink, I knew I wouldn't want to be elsewhere. I signed up for 5KM, and smiled my way to the track. I met some familiar faces, and made friends with some new ones. It was truly a celebration of life and feminity, of health and freedom, of friends and families, and of self discoveries. Who would have thought that this clumsy, sleepyhead can finish 5KM without injury??? *wink*

This won't be my last run.

All fired up to start the run @ 6AM

With my good friend & running bud, Lyza, getting some shade after running for an hour

Some public figures who joined the run -- actress Izza Calzado & Sen. Pia Cayetano
(from left)

That's us, discussing possible tie-ups since we belong to a Pinay Organization in our company.

And before I run, please make sure to take part and cast your vote for the environment in this year's Earth Hour, okay? =)

27 March 2010
8:30-9:30 PM

Running with Much Love,

Friday, March 19, 2010

LIPSTICK that changes color when you are TURNED ON!!

I came across a cool post from Mo Twister's blog (famous DJ/Celebrity/TV Host), that I think will be of interest to makeup enthusiasts/readers. If you are wild enough to try one, I'd love to hear your arousing story.Wink* =) Happy weekend, lovelies!

Much Love,

A NEW lipstick has gone on sale that shows when women are in the mood for sex.
The saucy slap changes from clear to deep crimson as the wearer feels frisky. It works by reacting with a girl's body chemistry. And each P840 peso tube comes with a colour chart so men can work out how randy their partner is feeling. The Mood Swing Emotionally Activated Lip Gloss was invented in California. A spokesman for makers Too Faced said: "The colours change depending on your emotional state." Celeb fans include singer Katy Perry, engaged to randy funnyman Russell Brand. Dating expert Lorraine Adams said: "This is the ultimate date ice-breaker. "But using it every day could get embarrassing. Would you really want the man next to you on the bus to know if you're turned on?"

The lippy is available at Boots and ASOS.com. [Sun UK]

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Product Review: L'oreal VS. Maybelline Mineral Foundation

I think it’s safe to say that I’m slowly getting back on track, and so blogging life will hopefully resume. Thank the heavens for helping me out on my demanding desk job late last year, and with some personal stuff I had to deal with. My organic business is taking a temporary break to give way to something me and the Sweetie are looking forward to. My mouth is zipped and my hands are clasped in prayers, and shutting up is one of the most challenging thing for me to do. Gah!

So before I say anything untimely, let me share a review on two things that brighten my mornings lately: L’oreal True Match Minerals and Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals. As you may have known, I have super sensitive skin that reacts to nearly any invention after baby powder. I’ve been in several battles with acne breakouts, red blotches and flaky skin. During my college years, the only soaps I used were those transparent cubes from the derma that turns really slimy after the third wash, and/or Cetaphil, which is not bad but is simply boring. After years of cease fire, pimples have yet to return to test my patience and my bank --- skin medicines are obsessively pricey! And so poor me visited the derma, and to my dismay, her rule on makeup was strict: no cream concealers and liquid makeup. I pestered her to at least spare MMU, and I think I was annoying enough that she agreed. And so, I’ve used these two brands from then on and here’s what I have to say.

L’oreal True Match Mineral Foundation

- VERY good coverage, I need not use concealers to hide my pimples and black spots
- Long lasting, I only swipe this in the morning and only do minor touch up before going home
- Packaging. The kabuki brush is attached to the lid (which is smart), and so you’ll never lose your brush ever again
- Safe for sensitive skin, no harmful chemicals and parabens
- It comes in sooo many shades to suit every skin tone · Locally available in malls, PCX stores, Watsons etc. (I’m not very patient in waiting for online shipments)

- The quality of the kabuki brush is so-so, and it needs conditioner after washing to keep it soft
- A bit more expensive at Php 995.00 for 10 grams, but because it’s long lasting, I think it’s worth it
- No SPF
- No positive effect on breakouts, while their ads say it will help clear your skin in weeks

Overall verdict: 8/10. This is another quality product from L’oreal that’s worth every penny. Your 10 grams will go a long way with its nice coverage and lasting power. It may not help on clearing up my skin, but as long as it doesn’t irritate mine, then I’m cool with it. =)

Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Foundation

- Fragrance free
- Oil free, and I really felt that my skin’s oiliness has lessened that I only use 2-3 blotters a day now (it used to be 5-10!)
- With SPF 25!!!
- Very light on the skin, I can feel that my skin can freely breathe
- Cheaper at Php 600.00 for 8 grams
- Looks very natural
- I honestly noticed that my skin condition has improved. I’m sure that it’s more because of the prescription drugs, but still, I’m convinced that it helped.
- Locally available in malls PCX stores, Watsons etc. (I’m not very patient in waiting for online shipments)

- Medium coverage only, so I still have to use a concealer (I use PureGlow’s Eye Glow concealer)
- Limited shades available
- The kabuki brush included is a bit small, and you can easily lose it. In my case, I use my own powder brush, so no big a deal.

Overall verdict: 9/10. I have read so many positive reviews on this product, and I’m so glad that I listened to them. Maybelline has again proven that quality products can actually be affordable. I’m a big fan of this brand way back in college (I lived on allowance alone! =p), and this product sealed my loyalty. I also bought my gel liner from Maybelline, but I’m yet to test it.

I’m grateful for whomever invented/discovered MMU, it makes acne prone people more confident in wearing makeup. But my greatest dream is for MMU to be available in pressed form (or tell me if it is?); don’t you also hate the mess on clothing and bags? I avoid the first one by applying MMU before putting on my blouse, it may also do the trick for you. =)

I hope you find these reviews helpful, this is not a showdown of which is a better product, because I'm honestly happy with both and I'm definitely repurchasing. We have different skin types, so best to test which one works for you. As per lovely Shen, use the trials from the store and walk around for hours, then see if the product still looks good on you and decide. =)

Your comments, stories and suggestions are highly appreciated. Happy Happy midweek, beautiful beings!

Much Love,


Monday, March 15, 2010

Pink Black Love Affair

My fabulous girlfriends from Malaysia came to visit Manila last week, and so I filed my leave, packed my weekend bag and joined the trip. I’m from the South, lived and worked in the South most of my life. And so, staying with them in a Makati hotel was actually like a mini-vacation, that for a second, I forgot that I was still in Manila! LOL.

We had so much fun during the two-day vacation that I can’t seem to decide how to start writing about it, not to mention that it’s 1am. I’m also waiting for some photos from my friends’ cameras, and so this vacation post can wait. But feeling all giddy, I’m sharing my OOTN and FOTN, with my eyes done by no less than my darling -- who is a very talented makeup geek -- Kavukz.


Metallic leggings, Tube tunic top, Hot Pink Belt and sky-high Wedgies


Maybelline Clear Smooth MMU and NARS Oasis (face), Dollface palette, Maybelline gel liner and mascara (eyes), Anna Sui and random gloss (lips)

The gang @ Encore, Fort

Tara, Dang, Bebe, Abby & Chris (OJ is the camera guy)

To OJ, Bebe, Chris and Abby, I’m more than happy to be your tour guide, your mother hen, and your Pinay friend who introduced you to sisig and dirty ice cream. ;-) And thanks also, BFF, for sharing another wonderful trip with me. I’m missing you girls to bits!

It’s Monday, and I’m surprisingly happy! I hope this signifies a fantastic week for us all. <3>

Much Love,


Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Beat It!

Nope, this is not another tribute to the King of Pop [may he rest in peace], I just borrowed his song title for this entry on how to beat the insane heat we are experiencing in the country these days! I’m sure it’s not just me, who can’t seem to stop sweating, can’t afford to wear denims and couldn’t care less about paying high electricity bills.

It’s 38-ish degree, and El NiƱo is outdoing itself day by day, that the forecast is that we’ll reach 40+ degrees before the month ends. So, how do we beat the heat?

WATER. WATER. WATER. – This is our first line of defense. Our body is about 70% water, and brain is about 80% Wilkins, so you can imagine how dehydration can affect us physiologically and mentally. Mild dehydration causes headache, muscle cramps, fatigue and severe cases of dehydration impairs motor skills, blurs visions, and can eventually cause death. Now that the mighty sun is in the mood to flex its hot muscles upon us, make sure to feed your body the right amount of water it needs. We need at LEAST 8 glasses per day, and coffee, tea and soft drinks are not included, in fact, these are diuretics which enhances dehydration. Good old water is what we need. How to make sure you drink 8 glasses a day? Japanese folks have a health practice wherein they drink 4 glasses of water upon waking up, and accordingly, it not only ensures 50% of the water you need at the onset of the day, but it also helps in constipation, waste elimination and weight management. Now that is something!

SHOW SOME SKIN! – This is the perfect time to tone those muscles and show your tan. Wear breathable clothing, like cotton and linen. No other perfect time to flaunt your floral dresses, flirty shorts and skirts and fun flats with your brightly painted toes. Just remember to always ALWAYS wear sunscreen, minimum of SPF 30 please! Your skin will be grateful and will repay you when you’re 40.

CONSERVE RESOURCES. Not just water, but also electricity. Use a glass when brushing your teeth, a basin when washing the dishes, and your last laundry rinse is good for cleaning your toilet, too. Watch the news and you will see water dams drying up everywhere, and some rotating blackouts, so don’t be stubborn and do your share in conserving electricity. Open up your windows in the morning and let fresh air cool your home, and if you really need to turn on the AC (which I perfectly understand), try to stay in the same room so you only need to use one. Besides, this is the perfect opportunity for you and your loved ones to cuddle! Ahem.
Working gals are not exempted, turning off your computer monitors and lights in the office during lunch breaks will surely cut your consumption in larger ways than you know.

WEAR LIGHT MAKEUP AND OPT FOR SOME COLOGNE. Don’t we all hate it when our makeup starts to melt on us? It makes us look greasy and wrinkly, and worse, a junkie! So if you must wear makeup these days, just remember to go light. Use oil free and water based formula, and if you can, stay away from liquid foundations for now. There are lots of quality powder foundations and the much applauded mineral makeup (I’m a believer, too). A good friend also swore on using BB creams, or tinted moisturizers during hot days. Just remember, less is more. Some powder, a good tinted lip moisturizer and a sweep of blush is all you need to look hot sans the heavy makeup. =) And please, heavily scented perfumes can take a break; citrus, fruity and fresh scented colognes can play the sub.

KEEP A BRIGHT, SUNNY DISPOSITION – Most importantly, if you can’t beat it, then join it…err…figuratively! LOL. If the sun won’t stop blasting us, then SMILE and SHINE back! Stay bright and positive, and don’t let the heat ruin what is supposed to be a beautiful day. Say your morning prayer and pass on positivity to each and every person you meet today.

I hope you find something helpful today, I miss sharing my energy here. I feel giddy because my good friends from Miri and Kota Kinabalu are coming over to visit me and Manila tomorrow, my week will surely be full and crazy, with a weekend Pinay Run commencing it.

Have a great summer, and remember to Just Beat It! =)

Much Love,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Of Cakes and Rainbows

*photo from geekologie

I haven't been blogging for eternity, because as a friend puts it, life sometimes gets in the way. Well, most of the time. Boy, I can't stop thinking how 24 hours a day never seem to be enough. My deskjob has been very demanding lately, with the data migration I've been spearheading, then comes my after office & weekend business, relationships, friends and the never ending errands I have to run. Can someone fly my mom home now?

Moving on, I'm not complaining, I'm not even in a position to ask. Why? Life has been treating me really nicely the past months, and though it's not perfect (and will never be!), I decided to dwell on the positivity and ditch the ranting itch. And whenever I feel that the spoiled, negative and whiny girl inside me starts to get restless, I do the following to beef up with positive energy.

KNOW YOUR VALUES. Get a pen and paper and list down the NON-NEGOTIABLES of your life. FAMILY? CAREER? HEALTH? MONEY? SHOES? COMIC BOOKS? PETS? INTEGRITY? It is only you who can decide what matters most for you, and don't feel obliged to explain to other people why you choose such and such. You will be surprised to see how simple things can make you happy. Valuables are something you can't live without, or you will die trying. You owe nothing to anyone, just yourself. And don't stop yourself if you want to post this on your walls. =)

I COUNT MY BLESSINGS. Cliche? Nope. When was the last time you checked your old photo albums? Try and see how beautiful you have become, how many friends and relatives you have around in every occasion of your life. Or simply stare at yourself in the mirror, have you noticed how shiny your hair is? or maybe how pink your lips are. And don't be guilty if you happen to lost count of your shoes, or bags, or dresses. Each and everything you have, no matter how small, is a blessing, and it only becomes more beautiful when you are grateful. =)

BE A JOY TO OTHERS. When I'm down the drain, and everything feels gray, I text my friends, just to tell them how great a person they are. Or visit a relative and buy my nieces some ice cream. If I can't make myself happy, then might as well give some joy to the world. What goes around comes around. If all of us will do this, then we will bump into happiness in no time. Give more, and you gain more, way beyond any worldly things can offer. =)

LET GO!...of all the negative thoughts, angers, endless worries and envy. Don't waste your time being sad over something you have no control of. Or trapped into anger you had been carrying inside you for years. The more we hold on to our fears, and worries and what nots, the more we build up pseudo problems, and end up aggravating the situation rather than actually acting on it. If you did something stupid, be sorry, LET GO, and just do it again! Everything in this world has mass...so it's time to fill up yourself with goodness, and the only way to do it, is to make some space....by LETTING GO!

I've been seeing endless techniques, journals, articles and countless books on how to be really happy. Observing everything will be very hard so I guess it's a matter of practicing what works for you. And remember, it will not be cakes and rainbows overnight, but today can be a good start. =)

Happy Wednesday, and you have no idea how much I missed you. Cheers to life!

Much Love,