Monday, December 21, 2009

SPEXship Happy Snaps <3

I know, I've been a tardy blogger. I'm missing you all badly, but the past weeks had been chaotic (mostly in a good way though). I'm yet to finish my month long project in the office, played a key role in the company party committee, and of course, did a whole lots of holiday shopping, mostly for the people I love. So, no complaints, I'm a happy camper. =)

I'm still loaded with work, but I can't wait to share these snaps from my company party last Friday. Pose n' Print guys were so cool & very accomodating, I highly recommend them. =)

I'll post my FOTN separately. But a BIG SHOUT OUT to my lovely friend, Kay, for the AWESOME, AWESOME lashes you gave me! It really turned heads. =p

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq







Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big Sister & Proud of It

Some X years ago, I was the bunso (youngest), only girl and Dad's fave. I was living the big brat life, until that one fateful day when my parents announced their split up.

I never heard from Dad for so long, and I was too busy on being mad at him, while I took my mom's role of standing for the family. It was really a world upside down.

Fast forward to some X years again, when wounds are healed and burnt bridges fixed, came a beautiful little girl. My half sister.

The world frowns, and disapproves of me & my mom's decision to accept her, but they can smirk all they want because that's what UNHAPPY PEOPLE DO. While I FORGIVE, I SHARE, and I LOVE. I'm one proud Ate. (big sister)

Santa, Cheska & me @ my company's Kiddie Party last Saturday.
She's the sweetest kid.
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's a Lonely Season

My brother just called me to inform that our mom’s tourist visa should be out this week. Mom is really close with kuya, and needless to say, he is the favorite. I’m glad that mom will be with my brother and her first grandson for the holidays. [kuya’s wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 2 weeks ago]. She will be abroad for 3 months.

But now that mom will be leaving soon to join my brother in UAE, and my dad in KSA, I just realized I’ll be all alone this Christmas! Sure, I have tons of wonderful aunts, Grandma and cousins, but they can’t compare with mom-dad-sibling in the same table for Noche Buena. And it’s been years!

I’ve always wanted my own place and 100% independence, but I guess holidays are really just not a good timing to jumpstart my 3-month test run of independence. I mean who would eat my you’ll-forget-your-name delicious pasta? Hah!

Have you ever been alone for Christmas? Feels like Kevin of Home Alone, yeah?

I hope you had a great weekend, girls! My own plate was also full, but I don't have time for a longer post to share at the moment. =( And tomorrow will surely be a LOOONG day.

Much Love,

The NeuroChiq

Friday, December 4, 2009

I WANT...MiLea MakeUp Brushes

One of the perks of being an online seller, is that you have the biggest & most valid reason to... BUY. Yep, you heard me. I PERSONALLY BUY, TRY and TEST my products, and if I'm impressed, then that's the ONLY TIME they land on my multiply store. And I honestly rejected quite a few, abiding by my usual strict, OC taste.

Milea Mineral Makeup recently released its new batch of makeup brushes, and I really went nuts! While I respect the quality of branded brushes, especially the infamous MAC, I'm also considerate on getting budget friendly but quality finds. The last brush set I got was from Venus & Mars, and I' so HAPPY with it --- all the more because it didn't break my bank! =)

And now, here comes Milea Makeup, with their own line of brushes: simple, sleek, soft but firm, these babies are up for a challenge! Their brushes are either made from natural goat's hair and/or high grade synthetic hair. I have EXAMINED each piece carefully, USED them, FELT them, even tried PULLING them, and finally gave the green light.

My very own set (as I used the testers before) is arriving next week & I just can't made me feel more Christamas-sy!

Here's a peek for you:

KABUKI NATURAL @ 540.00 only

KABUKI SYNTHETIC @ 640.00 only - Reminds me of Body Shop!


ROUND POWDER BRUSH - Perfect for MMU sifters @ 225.00 only


9 piece brush set with pouch @ 1,900.00

If you are interested, you may get in touch with me. I'll be more than happy to EXTEND MY OWN SELLER'S DISCOUNT to my girls in blogspot! =) Happy Friday!
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

EOTD: Still Going Green

I decided to strut some greenish lids during the Global Pinoy Bazaar in Rockwell. Not only is it thematic with my dress, but also with my organic products. Of course, there's nothing more appropriate than MMU to complete the package. =)

Products used:
L'oreal True Match Mineral Foundatio in Nude Vanilla
PureGlow Mineral Concealer in Eye Glow
Milea Blush in Rose [ very minimal due to breakouts =( ]
Milea Eye & Brow powder in Chocolate (brows)
Milea White Angel ES (brow bone)
Milea Green Angel ES (lid)
Milea Very Green ES (crease)
Milea Ash ES (Outer V)
Maybelline Full & Soft Mascara in Brown
Avon Simply Pretty in Pampering Pink

without flash

with flash


Full face; shaky hands.

It's midweek YAY!, I'm down with flu, but still in the office.
Hope you're having a great week, loves!
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OOTN: Animal Print - Take 2


Hours and hours of gift shopping. VIP room at a posh bar with my girlfriends. [as my dear BFF, Tara, turns 24] Leaving after a few good songs. A pair of new booties. Pure, therapeutic girltalk til 4 in the morning. Some good coffee and a sense of gratitude for having wonderful people in my life.


My girls --- Yhel, Libay, Karen, me & Tara @ LAX

Sorry, I only have one not-so-good photo =)

Animal Print Tunic Top as seen
Black feather & rose necklace
Ankle booties

I hope you also had a blast! We all deserve a good night before we face another stressful work week! Have a great one, loves.

The NeuroChiq

Sunday, November 29, 2009

OOTD: Red Love

QUICK POST my girls, I barely have minutes to spare nowadays, and I'm missing you! =(

I dropped a few pounds from stress & hardwork I've been through lately, so I guess there's always a positive side to everything.

Red Asymmetric Ruffled Top (bazaar)
Skinny jeans from F & H
Banig Flats from Sewn
Belt from Ruins (BF)
Messy Waves / Failed Curls

I look especially fat & unrealistically short from the camera's angle (from top), I feel like Goliath is looking down on me or something. But as long as my sandals are showing, I'm fine with it. =)


I would have paired a really nice white skirt or some acid washed shorts, but with the errands lined up that day, I needed something more wearable in places like Cartimar --- I swear the top itself gathered enough weird stares. I couldn't care less. ;-)
Misserably Missing Blogspot,
The NeuroChiq

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Love for things Filipino

No matter how much I hate the extreme heat, dirty politics, and getting stuck for four hours of heavy traffic, I still love the Philippines. Thus, I show my support in every way possible. I travel locally, I vote diligently, I pay my taxes, I obey traffic rules and I'm strict on my Go Green advocacy. And yep, I buy PINOY.

That's why I feel elated that young Filipino talents, especially in the beauty and fashion industry, are emerging everywhere. I'd like to think that I'm also a budding Pinay entrepreneur, pulling some strings for my beloved homeland. And so what better (and delightful!) way to show support to my fellow Pinays? SHOP! It's one of the things I'm really good at!

SEWN Sandals with colorful abacca strings

Is this genius or what?

SEWN Sandals with banig
Watch my back.

I visited the Four Seasons Bazaar in Bellevue, Alabang, and I met this very nice lady, Ms. Mariel Veluz, the owner and designer of SEWN SANDALS. I asked her if the sandals were locally made, since I like buying Filipino stuff, and she proudly presented these lovely pairs. Both were made from known local materials, ABACCA and BANIG, and especially designed for the recent Global Pinoy Bazaar, thus, very limited. I can't afford not to have one, or two. =)

Pretty on the rack, prettier when worn.

Excuse me, I'm not blessed with pretty feet.
TFS Hot Pink polish courtesy of my lovely friend, Kay. Thank you darl!

SEWN has so many pretty and unique designs to choose from, and the prices won't leave you broke. I got both for only Php 1,000. The Sweetie even liked it so much that he asked me to wear the Banig sandals that same day going to the mall. It's comfy, unique, very classy, affordable and 100% Pinoy. I'm truly a convert.
If there were more Pinoy talents like her, then we can save the Philippines, ONE SHOE AT A TIME!

Find them at:
Sewn Sandals Store
BF ParaƱaque Night Market (aka Ruins)

Still On leave but with much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My drafts are lined up, all waiting to be published. I write with with my mind [as I daydream], I write with my pen and paper [with my trusty notebook] and I write via Blogger. I write for work, though those are legal notes. I write to document my life because I only live once, and my memory won't be as sharp when I'm 60. I also write for the simple pleasure of doing it. Every venue for expression is my thing, be it photography, painting (which I'm dying to revive!), videos - writing.

But my life had been chaotic the past weeks, not really a negative thing for me, as I perform best under pressure, but it made me realize 24 hours a day isn't really enough. I want to do so many things, but the clock won't cooperate to stop ticking! Needless to say, I'm exhausted and my batteries are running low.

And so I'm taking a leave of absence, to let my body breathe and regain its best state. Sleepless nights had taken its toll on my skin, and now my full time job requires me to complete a Legal thing task that is due in 30 days. You know how corporate legal things work? ON TIME OR DEAD. It's almost impossible to do it unless I start working 12 hours a day on Saturdays - and that excludes my errands for home and business. Ah life!

So before my doomsday, hear me say THANK YOU, HELLO & GOODBYE.

To all the people who contributed to the success of my shop - House of Organics - @ the recently concluded Global Pinoy Bazaar held in Rockwell last 14-15 November. I LOVE YOU TO DEATH!
My Sweets - for the 24/7 help
My Girlfriends - for driving all the way to Rockwell to support me (we are South people ;-))
My Business Partners -Jamie, Edilee & Jasmine
And to everyone who dropped by to support & say HI! =)

Bazaar Entrance

My humble booth is a mess, photo taken almost closing time =)
In the photo: Me, Yhel, Karen & Tara

Another THANK YOU!!!

To the lovely, Kay, for sending me these fantabulous prizes from her giveaway. I <3 you sweetie, and I'm meeting you soon, eh? =)

And my most favorite part of the loot is her sweetest note =)


To Singapore, in 2 months, YEY! I promised myself to revisit, because I fell inlove with it during my first tour (ALONE) last year =) I'll be bringing the Sweets with me this time so it will be twice as fun!

Image from google*

My first visit: October 2008
And finally, GOODBYE to you, for now. I'll be around to spy on your sites once in a while and post sporadically, but I think I'll be needing most of my time for work and business and some travel prep, at least for the next 30 days. It kills me just thinking about the 12-hour work on Saturdays, but I have to do it and kick the b*tch.
I'm putting my game face on.
I'll miss you!
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Friday, November 13, 2009

On the pages of Manila Bulletin

Happy Friday!

Just a quick Friday update before I lose myself this super hectic weekend. Remember my post on saying goodbye to my beloved Agatep and the animal print OOTD?

Well, that outfit is for the farewell dinner that my company prepared for Agatep, thanking them for the 7 wonderful years of partnership. And guess what? It landed on the pages of Manila Bulletin today. ;-p

IKR, Agatep is a PR Agency, and they have the loveliest Media Relations girls, so it's almost an everyday thing for them, but it's still a treat for me. It left me all giddy this morning. Yay!

Have a great weekend, girls! If you have the time on Saturday or Sunday, I'll be in Global Pinoy Bazaar, booth 72A.

Cheers to all!

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

***Orig. photo courtesy of Shell Comms. Dept.***

**Manila Bulletin**

Von Lacorte (Agatep PR Consultant), Dang Villanueva (former Agatep PR Consultant), Sheila Pino (Agatep Media Relations Executive), Mark Gutierrez (former Agatep PR Consultant) and Frances Crisol (Agatep Media Relations Manager) @ Le Souffle Restaurant, The Fort, Taguig last November 6.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Supporting Pinoy & Organics!

Hi lovelies! I'm inviting you all to come and see me - House of Organics - at the Global Pinoy Bazaar in Rockwell Tent this coming weekend, November 14-15, from 9am to 9pm.

HOUSE OF ORGANICS is in BOOTH number 72, facing/very
near the side door of Rockwell Tent.

Let's support Filipino products and share the Organic Goodness to your friends & family!

Please spread the word. See you there!

PS: I will be there the whole time, so drop by if you're around, I'd love to meet you guys in person & have a chit-chat! =)

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Yabang Pinoy, the pioneering Filipino Pride movement behind shouting proud Filipinos, entrepreneurs and consumers alike, is also behind the success of Global Pinoy Bazaar, an annual assembly of individuals passionate about being Filipino and the potential of Filipino products. On its fifth year, Yabang Pinoy promises the biggest and best yet, at the Global Pinoy Bazaar 2009.

On November 14 and 15, 2009, just a hop and a skip away from Christmas, that most important season in any Filipino’s year, Yabang Pinoy invites its advocates and volunteers to once again demonstrate a true Consumer Revolution with Global Pinoy Bazaar 2009 at the Rockwell Tent, Makati City. It is time once more to champion quality Filipino products made with pride, and as citizens, take part in nation-building, so that the Philippines may take its place among the world’s biggest and greatest economies. Much like two years ago, Filipino entrepreneurs, sporting Filipino concepts and ideas and promising to maximize local materials and labor, will again launch limited edition products revolving around the theme of Indigenous Pop designs inspired by local icons, stories, materials, cultures, and traditions. Do something different for your Christmas shopping list this year: Support Pinoy, Shop Pinoy!

To know more about the Global Pinoy Bazaar 2009 and the Yabang Pinoy movement and be a part of this Filipino Consumer Revolution, visit

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

FOTD/OOTD and ANGELS say hi & goodbye.

Hi ladies, how are you? I just got back from the province, after a beloved cousin passed away from a congenital spleen failure. He's just 8 =*( A part of me is somehow thankful that he is now at peace and will no longer feel pain. He had been receiving blood transfusions almost every 3months since birth! I can't understand how a little boy endured that. But he is now with our Creator, and an angel for sure. Love & Kisses to you Vanni!


On a lighter note, another angel, my goddaughter, Sophie, is now officially a Catholic. =) I'm a bad ninang, because I missed the church ceremony =( I swear, I tried to be on time, but I've been everywhere, from the province to the organic farm (for business), and so I came just in time for reception. Sooo sorry!

Here are some snaps:

Baby Sophie; isn't she the cutest thing?? I have to keep myself from pinching her!

The proud godmothers

And just to share my 15 minute-FOTD while the Sweets drove like he's in Daytona USA, just so we can make it on time.

Products Used:
L'oreal TrueMatch MMU Foundation in Vanilla Nude
Fanny Serrano Soft Eye Pencil in deep brown (as brow and eye liner)
Nichido Trio Blush (pink) from Kay's blogsale
Maybelline Full & Soft Mascara in brown
CG EyeShadow Ice Queen Collection
All Organics Strawberry Lipbalm
No lipcolor this time

My skin is in bad condition, I have zits on my right cheek and chin. =*(

The light seemed to washout my ES in the picture, though I intentionally applied light makeup, because of my breakouts, and because IT WAS FREAKIN' HOT these days!

Teal Tunic top from BF Ruins (I forgot the name of the shop!)
Strappy White Flats from Marikina (Go Pinoy!)
Vintage Necklace and Earrings from Australia

I'm under a lot of stress lately, from personal matters to work and business. The Global Pinoy Bazaar I'm joining is just 4 days away, and I stay up til' wee hours for the prep. Whew. Hopefully, it'll be successful, or at least, worth the sweat. =P
I'm sending the invites tomorrow, I promise. Bye for now!
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq