Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Boy Wonder! (Family LOL - Part 1)

The reason why I'm generally a happy person, aside from the fact that I consume high doses of happy drug called chocolate, is because I naturally have it in my genes. If we know each other in person, and if we are already over our snob, prim and proper phase, you'll know that I'm the most comic story teller you'll meet. I talk a mile a minute, say the silliest things, laugh without hesitations, throw spontaneuos and winning punchlines and can mimic you in your signature pose that I can put you to shame. Believe me.

So until you meet me in person, and prove that I'm not lying, let me just give you a preview of what crazy runs in my genes.

While my auntie gives her 3-year old grandson (my nephew) a bath

[Auntie washing the little boy's "tuytuy" (genitals) ]

[Little boy was shocked and started shouting hysterically]

Little boy: "Lola, wag mo sirain yan!"
(Grandma, don't destroy it!)


Same little boy seeing his balikbayan auntie for the first time, points to the big mole on her forehead and said

Little boy: "Tita, san mo nabili yan? sa SM?"
(Auntie, where did you buy that? In SM Mall?)

[The auntie started laughing when the little boy added]

Little boy: "Si lola bumili din niyan, nilagay nya sa baba."
(Grandma bought that too, she placed it on her chin)

I can't stop laughing, this boy is a genius.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today, I'm Thankful...(2)

Amidst the many unfortunate events that happened in my country the past days, I'm still confident that the silver lining is just out there, and peace and goodness is still innate in all of us. So while I pray for our recovery and healing, I look around and appreciate the tiniest grace, and see the world in child's eye.

So today, I'm Thankful...

...for a concoction of strawberry, cream, cherry, bitters and vodka, especially made for me. And because it was for me, I had the honor of naming it: WILD PINK!

Now available at Zync Kebab & Grill

...for a nice token from my HS bestfriend, who came back from a short term assignment in the US. To you, K, your absence, our long YM sessions, and treating Manila and D.C. as if they have no time difference, sealed our friendship even more. I missed you, or not, because really, you can never be too far away from my system! You're a virus and I'm immune, your a drug and I'm addicted, you're my soul sister and you're W.I.L.D. Get that. =P

...for seeing myself everyday in the office hall, which reminds me how narcissistic I can be, which is a good and bad thing, but honestly, aren't we all one?

I get teased and praised for posing for this all the time!

At least I make the day a lot brighter! LOL.

...for a movie that reminds me how I shouldn't ignore my man, and how sexy and powerful a woman is! Fiesty!

Chloe starring Amanda Seyfried, Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson

...for lovely things delivered on my desk (Thanks, Nikki! Muah!)

...for comfort food for the aching body and tired soul

...for luxuries, no matter how small

...for a well received event, which makes all our hard work well worth it! Thank you!

Now a staple Ladies Night' promo during Fridays at Zync Kebab & Grill!

...for a pat on the back and words of encouragement from a beautiful person (Big hello, Alex!)
Alex nominated NeuroChiq for the Top 10 Emerging Influencial Blogs.
What a darl! To see her complete list, click HERE.

...for friends I haven't seen for years, realizing what we needed was a good five minutes, and we're all back to where we were: young, naughty, silly and super noisy!
My CVG friends, Mariel, RK, Jaypee and Mich

...and for being addicted to something that makes me feel like a gradeschooler again!

The BF asked me to help him finish this game, because guess what, it's a color game, and he's color blind! LOL.

If I can strap my camera with me all the time, and if it wouldn't be awkward to photograph each and every beautiful thing and person I encounter, then you might need all night to finish this post. I'm an advocate of seeing things out of the box, I believe on random things being special. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then happiness is clearly a choice of your heart.

Have you been grateful lately? Tell me! =)

Your NeuroChiq,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Moment of Mourning

My scheduled "Today I'm Thankful for" post must be put on hold to take a moment of silence, to mourn and pray for the many unfortunate events that transpired in my land these past few weeks.

I pray for the 42 victims who perished after a packed passenger bus plunged into a 35-50 meter ravine in Benguet last August 18. [LINK]

I pray for the 2009 Binibining Pilipinas International, Melody Gersbach, together with her designer, and makeup artist, who all died on the spot, after a 10-ton bus ran over their SUV, ripping off most of the vehicle to total wreck. Their driver, , is still in critical condition. This yet another bus tragedy happened last August 21. [LINK]

Photo from www.abscbnnews.com

And I'm still in shock and grieving with what the world witnessed last night, as a disgraced policeman terminated from service early this year, seized a tourist bus with 25 people aboard, mostly Hong Kong Chinese, in an 11-hour hostage incident. 8 people died, including a child. My heart and prayers go to the victims, eternal repose for those who perished, and recovery and healing for the survivors and their families, and most importantly, our wounded nation. [LINK]

Photo from www.inquirer.net

I was supposed to go out on a date with a girlfriend last night, but I couldn't muster the energy to even finish my dinner. With the heavy downpour, the heavens seem to weep with us. =[

Please pray with me.

Your NeuroChiq,

Friday, August 20, 2010

How Bad Can Be Magical!

Have you ever been so occupied of thinking about nasty things that happened to you, that you're full of negativity (and therefore attracts more negativity), and you go in cycle of never ending "why me" and "why now"? Sure, we live in a cruel world, and we meet wicked people every other day, but are these enough reason for us to stop seeing the good, the loving and the amazing in all else?

I'm in a lot of pressure most of the time, and I have my shares of I don't want to leave my room and just cry myself to sleep drama, but thankfully, I always manage to pick up myself and rise up tougher, and I'd like to believe, better. What helps me you say?

1. MY FAITH - I don't see my Lord, and I don't hear Him talk nor get signs from Him. But I feel Him, in simple things, in everyday people, and believe you me, He never fails to pop out and pull me out of my shittest days. They say religion and faith are opium for people, that it leaves us blind and stops us from questioning, but I say it makes us see beauty and goodness in every little thing, inspite and despite of how flawed they are, so how now can they say we're blind?

2. I DECIDE TO STOP WORRYING - I'm looking at a piece of yellow paper posted on my desk this very moment, which reads: "Of all your worries, big or small, how many of them never happened at all?" You see, we are so consumed by too much worries, that it haunts, destroys us to the core. Worry about logical, tangible things, and stop torturing yourself by worrying 10 years in advance.

3. I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE MANTRA - I've learned this from a person I least expected to gain anything from. So much to say but I hated his guts. But when he told me to stop being so angry and so cold, because I'm not the only one fighting a battle, I was stunned. For the first time, he was right, each of us has our own battles in life, and I should be ashamed of myself to think I have the hardest part when I have a stable job and some new shoes on.

4. YOU LOSE SOME, YOU GAIN SOME - Accept the fact that nothing is permanent. Remember, no matter how good or bad a situation is, it will ALWAYS change. It's up to us to get the most memories from the good, and learn the most from the bad. I'm not asking you to stop believing in rainbows, true love, fairytales and happy endings, I just want you not to grab too tight on anything, and learn to let go and catch the next blessing.

5. KEEPING SOME EMPTY SPACE - The universe can only fill you up with many splendor things if your cup isn't too full. And the key to that? Never stop sharing. So the next time you find your self-esteem hit bottom, leave your room, go out and be useful. Be a joy to others, volunteer your time, your talent, your love, your resources. It may exhaust you, but it's a perfect chance to claim gifts from the universe. If we do this in cycle, imagine how much happier the world can be!

I'm no inspirational writer, I'm just a hardworking girl, who learned to value her life and everything in it, regardless of how good, or how bad, I still find it nothing short of magical.

Happy Friday, loves!

The NeuroChiq,

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wonderful Discovery: NUAT THAI Traditional Thai Massage

If you ask me what's the most abused part of my body, I'll be very quick to say: MY FEET!
Needless to say, our feet endure the most pressure from our weight. I'm not very light, and my activities, though not sporty, are very active. I commute to work once a week, I like walking around, using fire exit stairs instead of elevators (I'm devoted to saving energy), doing marketing and groceries for the business, and if my schedule permits, I run some laps and play badminton.

And though I'm so into flats lately, my first love is and will always be high heeled shoes. Back in my the days, when my energy level was unbelievable, you'll never catch me wearing shoes less than 3 inches high. I still remember how mad I was when one of my friend played a bad joke and faked her death/accident. We, being very good friends, cut our class, and run to the hospital. We literally RUN only to find out it's all a hoax, which is fine with me, except that, I WAS WEARING MY NEW, 3.5 INCHES HIGH, CARAMEL ULTRA POINTED PUMPS.

The same pretty pumps which I saved 2 weeks worth of allowance for, the same pretty pumps I dreamed about the day after I saw it on the mall rack, the same pretty pumps that left me with blisters and sore legs for 3 days, though i never blamed my shoes and rather blamed my friend.

Last night, I had a foot-related discovery. A hidden nook, where my tired lower extremeties were bent, twisted, pulled, pushed, dribbled, pricked and slapped back to its glorious, refreshed state.The wonderful discovery of NUAT THAI Traditional Thai Massage.

The place is small, dark, cold and cozy. Soothing music and scented oils prevail the scene, and all you can (barely) see are people tucked in lazy boy seats, eyes closed, enjoying the bliss that foot massage brings. What I like about NUAT THAI aside from their authentic tea, are the well trained therapists. They start off by washing your legs and feet, then massaging gently with lotion, before doing their reflexology magic using a little bamboo or ceramic tool that they use for your pressure points. And can you believe my 30-minute authentic Thai foot massage only costs Php 100? (USD 2.00) I really got more than what I paid for! I went out refreshed and less tired, I was so happy that I think I'll go back for a full body massage tonight! =)

Here are some snaps I took outside the spa. I can't take photos inside since it would be rude to blind other relaxing customers with my camera flash.

NUAT THAI Traditional Thai Massage
Along Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, ParaƱaque City

Can you believe how affordable their services are?
It reminds me of the never ending massage parlor rows in Bangkok!

It's already Friday, and it's time to treat ourselves to something. Long sleep, a tub of gelato, a steamy night with the lover, a videoke session with your cousins, or, you can join ZYNC's Ladies' Night if you are somewhere South! =D The electronic invite is on my right side bar, go on and CLICK! --------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>
Your NeuroChiq,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

FOTD: What 10 Hours of Sleep Can Do

-CoverGirl Concealer
-Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder in Nude Beige
-ELF Studio Blush in Tickled Pink
-Fanny Serrano Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown
-Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara in Black
-Bench Paintbox Lipstick in Pink Posh
-Avon Lipstick in Pampering Pink (top)

I've been surviving with an average of 5 hours/day of sleep, and my body is coping really well, or so I think until I get 10.

This is how my skin/face looked like after I decided to spoil myself last night when I ditched working on our business, headed straight home from the office, made some Tuna Sandwich, munched some Cadbury Flakes (they're heaven!) and forced myself to drink 4 glasses of water before going to bed at unbelievable hour of 9PM.

So yes, I still have my post acne marks (just finished the dreaded time of the month), and my face is still an oil mine, but I noticed a brighter, fairer glow this morning. I'm not very sure if this is really because of the sleep magic, because I've also been diligent in a face care routine since June, (post is next!), but whatever is working right, I'm not questioning.

I'm trying not to question any good things that come my way, and rather just claim it, own it and simply be grateful.

Any glowing news from you, dearies? Talk to me! =)

Your NeuroChiq,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seriously Healthy Lunch [Sophia's]

If there's one thing I super love and super hate about my job, that is I have the best lunch buddies in the world. I love it that I look forward to a great conversation every noon, and I hate it because that usually entails extra weight on the scale and can burn some holes on my pocket. Yay!

But who am I to resist?\
Sophia's Mediterranean Deli
West Gate, Filinvest City

Didn't take much photos of the place, it's simple, elegant. no fuss.

Calamari Php 175 or USD 3.80
Tender, juicy, but super "bitin!"

Green Greek Salad Php 375 or USD 8.50

Tiropita Php 299 or USD 6.70
The favorite! Spinach & Feta Cheese = LOVE

The least favorite among the group. Sweet potatos and peas.
Samosa Php about Php 200 or USD 4.50

Actually tastes like sweet empanada, so nothing very special.

Perfect endings.
Pistachio Gelato Php 90.00 or USD 2.00
Enjoyed everything other than the Samosa, which is not actually bad but simply ddin't appeal to my taste. To my surprise, I liked the Green Greek salad, considering that I'm not big on vinaigrette. The leaves are very fresh, but it's really the feta cheese which made the cut. We agreed to have a healthy lunch for once, and we did! Except that I cheated on the Coke, and the Gelato photo crucified me much.
How's your lunch? =)
Your NeuroChiq,

Monday, August 9, 2010

Today, I'm Thankful...

For a sport rediscovered...

New addition to the Zync family, meet Billy!
I've always labeled billiards too boring for my personality, hence I never really tried playing. I was wrong. A good coach (hello, Sweets!), and some fun buddies were all I needed to get me hooked!

For friends who just know me too well...

Physician's Formula's Organic mineral veil and Steve Madden "bubuyog" shades from my good friend, Grace.
When will you go wrong, Ms. G? =)

And a little something that brightens a rainy day...

Horse Necklace from World Trade Bazaar 2009

Not to mention a couple of Mango tees from my brother, and tons of chocolates from Dubai, Australia and KSA that came rushing my doorstep this weekend. Toothache LOVE!
How was your weekend? Would love to hear your sunshines!
Your NeuroChiq,

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So Much For Filipino Pride

In many conversations and arguments I had with my smartest confidante and lover, we have repeatedly talked about how most (I said most, not all) Filipinos get easily star struck. Don't get me started with how crazy and obsessed Filipino fans can be. I mean who doesn't get glued on celebrities' porcelain skin, pearly whites and faces as small as my right palm? And our awe never stops with their perfectly sculpted figures, full breasts and insanely flat abs.

But the point of this post is the more common dilemma of Juans and Marias. WE GET INTIMIDATED WITH WHITE PEOPLE. Yes, engraved in our history are years of being under their control, and we got so used to it, that we feel inferior that we are smaller and darker. Why else would whitening products be so lucrative in the Philippines?

Just this morning, as I make my arabica coffee in the office, a really tall white guy was swinging cabinet doors one by one, and yes, because I was still sleepy, and because I'm not very helpful today, I didn't bother asking first and just went on with my business. We have a pantry lady anyways, so I just listened to their conversation which is really brief and one sided.

TALL WHITE GUY: "Hi, I wonder if you know where the glasses or cups or anything for water are?"

PANTRY LADY: (Mouth half open staring blankly at the white guy) "Ahhh, eehh."

I decided to intervene since I swear I heard a flat line. And it's not because she can't understand English, but merely because he's super tall, and super white with super pointed nose. Had it been a Filipino who asked her, it'll be a totally different story.

Is it just me, but why do we always get all clumsy and stuttered in the presence of foreigners? Why do we always treat them first class and be so apologetic about our country all the time? I remember how John Gokongwei Sr. asked a white guy to leave the country when he saw him insulting a female cabin crew. Why can't we be that assertive, protective and proud?

We live in a third world country, and we lack in so many things, but if we want to gain respect and equality, then it's high time we revisit our confidence and regard our nation and ourselves with a little more pride.

Your NeuroChiq,