Monday, January 31, 2011

Movies 101: Gaga over Love & Other Drugs

Hotness Couple Ever.

Thanks to my BFF, T, for sharing this to me.
One of my favorite lines ever, and should remember.
I've had a lovely weekend with family and girlfriends, but the the icing on my weekend cake is seeing LOVE and OTHER DRUGS! And I'm saying this with whatever little kilig juices I have in my body! Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are just too lovable in this film. I never considered Jake very charming (although his acting is plausible), but now I finally saw what other girls are seeing. He's an acquired taste, just like wasabi. Anne on the other hand has come a long way from being Princess Mia and Ella Enchanted. She has matured to be a daring, serious actress. Aside from the brilliant actors, I love how this film makes you feel vulnerable yet empowered at the same time, and that it's okay to need someone, somehow. (I have to remember that!) 

Here are some personal points I have from the movie:

Countless Love Scenes. If you're not moved nor affected, not an itsy bit, then you might want to have your libido checked. LOL. How can two beautiful, sexy people, having mad, passionate sex not be of interest to the adult public? Maggie (Anne) and Jamie (Jake) were naughty, thrill seeking lovers, who still manage to still be cute and likable the moment they jump to bed, or floor, or wherever.

Comic Relief, from Jamie's brother, Josh, played by Josh Gad. What are romantic comedy films without the funny stuff? Josh Gad is a breath of fresh air. He embodied his character as the geeky, retard brother, and is truly a natural. Characters like him are my tickets to convince my man to watch what he thinks is just another super cheesy movie. Hah.

Parkinson's Disease. I have little knowledge about this disease, other than Muhammad Ali has it. Anne's charater portrayed the struggles of a person living with the disease, and how it affects her life and choices, and that includes love, or her decision to shy away from it. I've come to see how people with PD need love, support and understanding from the society, especially that presently, symptoms can only be managed but not cured. It also depicts human spirit to achieve dreams and continue living  and loving despite this condition.
Love. And a great one that. Jamie, a womanizer, suddenly found himself deeply involved with the free spirited girl, Maggie. When he admitted to himself and to Maggie that he loves her (while hyperventilating!), complications and fears from her condition arose, and strained their relationship. Maggie decided to let go to save Jamie from the hard life with her, and pursue his Chicago dream. But a videotaped message of Maggie hit him hard and he decided to pursue a life with her than ran away. And the rest, as they say, is loving history. And I have to admit, I'm a girl who cries over movies. Like this movie.
 Sadly, I'm very disappointed with Green Hornet, and so you get the idea how much L&OD uplifted me afterwards; I can't stop thinking/talking about it with my girlfriends!

Have you seen it? What do you think? =)

The NeuroChiq,

Sunday, January 30, 2011

OOTD: Animal Print Loca

Thanks for the photo, L! 

 Black Top: Mango
 Leopard Bolero: From a Christmas Bazaar 2010
 Jeans: Herbench 
 White Flats: Vincci/VNC
 Bag: Gift
Accessories: A'postrophe

Because my heart melts when I see animal prints, I just have to grab this leopard bolero and not give a damn where to wear it. I decided to amp my casual Friday outfit in the office with it, and I think this baby served the purpose well. A number of colleagues asked me where I'm headed after office, or simply assumed I have a date (which unfortunately, wasn't the case). One even gasped and said "Hey, you look all ferocious today!" (with her fangs showing and her fist clenched like a tiger), and it kept me smiling all morning! Dressing up isn't something I do for the sake of receiving compliments, but rather to breeze through the busy day with substantial esteem knowing that I'm dressed well, and is pleasing to look at. I think every girl owes that to herself, no? =)

Friday Casual Outfit

Thanks for the nice bag, Sweets! I really love it!

I just woke up from a night ('til morning) of pure fun and friendship over mojitos and Cerveza Negra (I finally found a beer that at least bears passes to my throat!) with two of the dearest girls in my life, T & Y,and my S on the side. He actually behaved like a girlfriend after his third bottle that made him the coolest BF ever. =)

Happy Sunshiny Sunday, loves!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Product Review: AVON Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Passionate Pink

When I was younger, I have this weird belief in using only neutrals and red shades when it comes to lipsticks. I think I was 7 or 8 then, and yes, a makeup curious at that. I guess I was too exposed with mature, powerhouse women (my aunts whom most worked for banks), who normally wears red, browns or plums that I regarded pink hues as too girly and Barbie-ish, which is perfectly fine, but just way far from me. I never saw myself as a little girl then! 

To cut the story short, I breezed through early college with black nails and dark red lips. All friggin' time. I was in bit of a hurry to grow up, and be a career woman just like my aunts. Fast forward to the present, with this wonderful thing called YOU TUBE and BLOGSPOT, where I've met and followed makeup gurus, I started appreciating adoring pink lips like it's the next best thing to aged sweet wine. Of course I still wear reds and plums and neutrals and corals (isn't being a girl sooo fun??), but my everyday office lips has to be a less scandalous pink. Not to mention that I have full collagen injected-like puckers that I have to be careful when wearing darks and reds, unless I want to scare off people in one of my meetings. Hihi. 

My recent pink discovery is AVON's Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Passionate Pink. Here are my thoughts after using it for a almost a week:

  • It holds true to its promise, I have the driest lips that it often flakes a few hours after lipstick application. It didn't happen with this one. I love how it made my lips SOFT and so MOIST!
  • No funny smell
  • I'm worried tbecause it's under the "shimmer" finish, since I'm not a fan of lip sparkles, but the shine is just right to make my lips look supple, and no tacky glits! Yey!
  • Affordable at Php 299.00 or USD 6.50 (still on sale at Php 199.00!)
  • Lasting power is decent

  • Nothing with the product, just the waiting time from ordering to delivery. Visiting a mall outlet sounds better if you're in a hurry and excited like me. =)

AVON Moisture Rich Lipstick in Passionate Pink

Without flash
With flash

Pardon the photo, just want to show how passionately pink this is against a face with nothing but powder & brow liner on. =)
 How about you? Are you a pink lip lover too? Or you're a bold soul with red lips? I think we girls can be both, eh? =)


Sunday, January 23, 2011

OOTD: P is for Passion

The color Purple that is. Why do I say so? Because on one Saturday, I attended 2 romantic weddings with purple motif. The past years have been witness to the new and changed perception to this royal color. From being associated with loss and grief, to being the new black, only with a chic twist.

I'm set to attend a Valentine's wedding again, and I need not mention what their motif is! =)


Dress: Seventeen by Cinderella
Shoes: Ichigo
Accesories: A'postrophe (hello & thanks, Y!)

Because Ichigo really served me well.

I'm having a lovely solo Sunday with a cup of English Breakfast Tea, Kiwi Strawberry Scented Oil and amazingly fast connection [good job, G!]. I hope your day is as warm if not more. =)


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mighty Bayong is Back

Growing up with my grandma, I'm no alien to bayong or straw bags. On some mornings, I go with her to the wet market and carry her bayong for her. It's so durable that it carries a whole week's worth of meals for my grandparents and half a dozen kids whom she lovingly cooks for. We then go to her suki, to munch on suman at niyog (rice cakes with coconut shavings). Ah, how I miss those days!

Going back, and forgive me for reminiscing too much, bayongs are traditionally made from woven palm tree leaves, but in more recent years, other materials have been used such as plastic or waterproof fabrics. Unfortunately, as the world goes crazily modern, bayongs have been left on the shelves to dust. Plastic bags and baskets took their place. But with the perennial floodings in the country, the
Ondoy tragedy being the most traumatic, Filipinos started to respond to these wakeup calls and became more conscious of the ill effects of using plastic, styrofoam and other non-biodegradable things that not only clogs our drainage system but stays intact and toxic even after hundreds of years, some won't degrade at all! Yaiyks!

Just this week, to my delight, my office cafeteria started using paper boxes and brown bags for takeout, this is because effective Tuesday, January 18, the City of Muntinlupa started implementing an ordinance against the use of plastic and other non-biodegradable materials by all business establishments. Kudos to Muntinlupa government! I hope more cities and eventually the whole of Philippines will practice this, and sustain it too. There are hundreds of ways to do away with using plastics in our everyday lives, we just need a little effort and some creativity. Here are a few things I practice:

1. Bayong are cheap and very durable to use in the wet market. And don't forget that you can wash them with soap and water to avoid bacteria from accumulating.

2. Instead of sando bags, use brown bags. Or better yet, toss all dry goods inside your bayongs.

3. Wrap fish/shellfish with old newspapers (learned it from a zero plastic lady); meat can be wrapped in wax paper.

4. Bring your own reusable/foldable shopping bags. This is very popular now that you'll even have a hard time chosing among the vast varieties of designs! In fact, I have more than a dozen katya (cheesecloth)/eco bags! =)

5. Be an informed consumer. Read the label and inspect what you buy. I.e., I make sure to buy cotton buds with paper rather than plastic stems. The Face Shop has one made of bamboo. =)


I hope you learned a trick or two, and if you have more tips on avoiding the dreaded plastic, share it in the comments portion so more people can be informed, and hopefully, be converts. Let's all go green! =)

And to top it all, don't you think bayongs have evolved to be more attractive and can now be used outside wet markets? I like the purple one above so much!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Reason To Be

I just got the result of my Annual Physical Examination (APE) today, and I'm quite happy that after two and a half decades, the machine that's me is still fine and dandy. If there's an item in my prayer list that I never ever forget next to saying thank you, that would be asking for the gift of health. I pray that my indulgence with sweets, hard alcohol and voluntary lack of rest and sleep won't catch up on me soon. I pray that my constant hunger for stress to keep me going won't wear me out. I pray that I learn to like veggies really soon. I pray my taste buds will cooperate.

I'm paranoid, thinking what will happen to my family if I get seriously sick. My dad would have to work post retirement, my mom would cry everyday, and my brother would need to take on full responsibility both for emotional and financial aspects. It will kill me to see my family go through that. The past events in my life led me to the firm realization that my biggest gift from the heavens came the day I was born. I have the most amazing family, not just my parents and brother, but the whole clan at that. Not perfect, but amazingly overflowing for me. From my grandparents to my coolest aunts and uncles, down to my cousins whom I consider more as siblings. I can be in crappy clothes and talk foolish and be jejemon if I want to and they will embrace me fully. With them, I can let my walls down, I'm no less than stellar.

And so the least I can do for these people (other than the usual happy things we do) is to take care of myself, so I can be with them longer, and be there for them in my top shape. How can I do errands for my grandma, do groceries with mama and babysit for my aunts if I'm pinned to bed?

For them, I will be healthy. It couldn't get any better than that.

How about you, what's your reason to be healthy?



Why Do I Love My SunPiology Planner?

I love writing. Doodling, jotting, sketching, drawing, anything that involves pen kissing the paper fest. In the new age of palm PCs and digital calendars, I simply can't let go of this old love. I have colorful sticky notes everywhere, and can't go out of the house without a pen and a mini notebook, just in case a brilliant one pops up. And keep it a secret, but I can still be pursued with poems and beautifully written love notes. Hay.

So when I started working, having a planner is a sacred thing. But since I'm slaving in a very formal industry, and working everyday with high powered lawyers and government executives, the last thing I'd want is another piece of, well, formality -- which unfortunately where my Shell Company Planner belongs. While Belle De Jour is still on top of my pretty list, I changed my mind when my BFF (I love you, sis!) sent me my yearly supply of SunLife Planners. SunPiology just saved me a good 800 pesos.

So why do I love it?

Because the hardbound cover is not boring nor tacky; and it's as if looking at a beach sunset

Because it has this cute, useful thing

Because it has a monthly priority list, which is very me!

and a LOT of SPACES and BOLD COLORS too!!!

And how did they know I'm a Go Green advocate?

and an admirer of good photography too? =)

While I admit that I miss BDJ's menstrual and expense tracker, I'd rather make my own and keep it home, than have my bosses chance peek on it during meetings. =)

Do you like using planners too? Or have you gone 100% digital? =)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Glimpse: FOTD for a Wedding Bliss

I don't want to spoil my post for the most awaited, highly prepared wedding in the family this year, which BTW already transpired last Saturday. But it won't hurt to give you a glimpse of my FOTD aimed at hiding my tired sleepless nights (err weeks?) while trying to display radiance suitable for a day affair.

While the whole family entrusted their makeup to B, our well trusted gay makeup artist, I opted to do my makeup on my own, as I usually do. Stingy as I am, I'd rather spend 1.5 grand to buy a new addition to my kit which I can use longer. I'm not an entrepreneur for no reason. =)

So while I wait for the photos from the guys with big*ss SLRs, let's content ourselves with the only photos taken from my humble, red Cybershot, shall we?

Etude House BB Cream
Physician's Formula Organic Mineral Veil
Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Luminous Blush in Soft Mauve
EB Brow Liner in Brown
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner
L'oreal Infinite Wear Shadow in Metallic Beige (Highlighter)
Dollface ES Palette in Matte White (base)
Dollface ES Palette in Deep Purple (lids)
Dollface ES Palette in Matte Brown (Outer V)
Dollface Es Palette in Silver (Inner corners)
Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara in Brown
Ilog Maria Royal Jelly balm
Bench Paintbox Lipstick in Pink Posh
Maybelline Color Sensational in Angel Rose
Messy curls set with V05 Mousse, traditional curlers and blower

Did I achieve the fresh, morning look? *fingers crossed*

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shoe Lovin' Thursday

When I'm trying to watch my spending, there's only two places where I certainly need a tapahoho (a funny local term for horse blinders), a gourmet burger joint, and the shoe section of malls. It must be in my blood, because most of my relatives, my only brother, and my cousins, also have this shoe sickness. We literally lose sleep over them, and have to work constantly on not blowing up expenses with shoe bills.

The other night, my balikbayan cousins and I were having coffee when I eyed his loafers:

ME: Is that a Vuitton logo I'm seeing???
COUSIN: Yes, and please don't tell me it looks fake. Tinipid ko ang Europe trip ko for this!
ME: Ahhh, errrm. Okay, di ko nalang sasabihin. *grins* (Okay, I won't tell)

Here are my favorites among the shoes I bought recently. And unlike my cousin, I'm not a brand snob, I always look forward to sales, I support Pinoy, and my third world paycheck can't afford an overpriced, overrated Vuitton. ;-p

Sandra shoes from Ichigo in beige and black. Go Pinoy!

Cage shoes from Parisian by SM. This brand has improved a lot don't you think so? =)

Any exciting buys lately? Share! =)
Much Love,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's All This Fuss? A Bachelorette Party Post.

Last Saturday was one of the most unforgettable night of my life. I’ve been to a few bridal showers/bachelorette party, but it took me 25 years to attend a WILD, liberating one.

And I’m not ashamed of it. Not one bit.

Simply put, a bridal shower, in tradition, is an affair where all the women in the family "showers" the bride-to-be with gifts. Though not a must, most common gifts are intimate, for the bedroom type, to encourage the couple to conceive (which is the first priority after marriage in the olden times). A bachelorette party on the other hand, is the "last" night dedicated to the bride-to-be's farewell to singlehood. Thus, she has the upper hand in deciding how to spend it; be it an all girl's night out, movie date, clubbing, going to strip clubs or what have you. At times, bridal showers and bachelorette parties can come in one night.

The reason why I'm posting this, is because somehow, at this age and time, a few people are still confused with this concept, or simply labeled this event as an immoral, dirty thing to do. Dubbing it as an excuse for girls (and bride-to-bes) to be raunchy and commit a night of debauchery. Those are heavy, hurtful accusations that I start to wonder where the grudge really comes from? Is it human nature to be self-righteous, all knowing and judgmental? Is 2011 still an age of discrimination and low regards for women? The thing is, no one will force you to sip multicolored margaritas, buy a penile cake nor hire a stripper. You always have a choice, so don't put on a show and make a scene if other girls opt the opposite direction.

And just to set the record straight, we had genuine, wild fun. And we did it in the company of best, trusted people.

You just have to accept the world won't always agree with you.

Cakes and candies from Kink Cakes

The bride to be. I want a niece cute niece next year, okay? =)

Pardon my post, I'm not mad, maybe a little irritated, but being me, I need to speak my mind than litter the floor of mini Mes if and when I burst.
Much Love,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

SUNpiology planner WINNERS are...

Thiamere, Mina and Akiakat!
Congratulations, girls! Please email your full names and addresses so we can send your planners soonest! And hold on to your wonderful financial resolutions okay?

Here are their responses and why they won. Click photo to enlarge.

Credit cards are supposed to help us and not pull us deep in debts. Use it wisely, and always be in control! If you can't commit to that yet, then like Thia, it would be wise to leave them home!

I love it that her first goal is to free herself from debts (and stress, diba?). While building your assets, don't forget to consider your liabilities, too. Goodluck, Mina! =)

Akiakat's comment is a solo post worthy! While she has lots of things in mind, my favorites are getting insurance and understanding/maximizing your benefits. Really, it's just last month that I learned my company card can cover warts removal and sclerotherapy, and I should have taken advantage of it 4 years ago! So go ahead and chat with your HR!

Congratulations again, and let's all thank our friends from Sunlife Financial Philippines!
The NeuroChiq,

Monday, January 3, 2011

Giveaway Alert: Win than Fab SUNpiology planner!

Ola! My first post for 2011 has got to be this good! =)

I'm giving away 3 of this very nice, tastefully designed Sunpiology planners through the generosity of our friends from Sun Life Financial Philippines in collaboration with Piolo Pascual and Hebreo Foundation.

Start your year right by answering this simple question: WHAT'S YOUR 2011 FINANCIAL RESOLUTION?

Remember, there's no wrong or right answers, you can be as general as saving 1/10 of your salary or as specific as getting a short rather than a grande coffee. Fire away your best financial goals on my comments section and get yourselves this planner to help you keep track of your goals, financial and not, for the awesome 2011 that awaits us!

Contest ends on Wednesday, January 5, 10PM. =)

Just a peek on this nice little thing that can land on your hand. To see more, simply click HERE.

I promise more of good things on my humble little blog, and a commitment to a bigger, better year to achieving an insanely beautiful life!

Your NeuroChiq,