Friday, April 30, 2010

Tagaytay Food Trip

One of the perks of putting up a business, is that you travel to places in search for decors, suppliers, ideas, and what have you. And while doing so, I always make sure to squeeze in my favorite activity after sleeping, food tripping! I love to eat, and the BF does too, so there's no question why some 80 percent of our credit card bills are from restaurants, fast food and supermarket. LOL. The other weekend, we went to Tagaytay to order some plants and ornaments for our soon-to-open resto bar (YAY for nervous me!), and because we're tired, and stressed all week, we treated ourselves to a feast!

*Apologies for lack of better photos, I forgot my digicam, so I just settled with my old phone's camera.

This is not a fancy resto, but said to have the best bulalo in town!

Tagaytay is famous for its Bulalo, a perfect match for their cold weather.
Php 350.00 good for 3 pax

Giant Daing na Bangus
Php 195.00 good for 3 pax

Crispy Tawilis (you can eat EVERYTHING!)
Php 130.00

After a hefty lunch, we did our errands faithfully, and then got some snacks and coffee from the famous Bag of Beans. They offer main courses and wide array of desserts, which are all good! The place is cozy, the ambiance is relaxing, and the garden magically took me away from the hustle bustle of the city. It's a nice place to just sit (with some comfy cavanas), and just take in some fresh air and yummy sweets.

115 Aguinaldo Highway,
Mendez Crossing West,
Tagaytay City
+63 46 413 4356
+63 46 413 2724

Fish & Chips
Php 230.00

Frozen Choco and Choco Banana
Php 120.00 each

Kids from Children's Joy Foundation entertained us with dancing, singing and playing different sorts of instruments including violin! (How hard is that??) They are so talented and very charming, I'm thinking of getting them for a family wedding.

Full and Fatter Me

I'm a true blue South girl, and Tagaytay is just a good hour away, so if I need some quick getaway to escape the metro heat or even just to get a caffeine fix, I sure know my way back.
Have a happy LOOOOONNNGGG weekend, girls! Don't forget to treat yourselves to something nice, you deserve it!!
Love Lots!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Super SPEX Birthday!

One thing Ireally like about the company I work for is that they value their people more than anything else. Be it on safety, personal development, career stability, and yep, even birthdays. It's safe to say we're pampered in so many ways, and sometimes, tiniest of the details count!

I just came back from the office Birthday Bash for April celebrants, and honestly, if the organizers weren't my friends, I would have skippped it for a leisure breaktime walk to the nearby mall.I'm too occupied with our business and so I passed on the partying this year, and I thought an office birthday bash would be nice. To my delight, it was actually fun, with some trivia baseball game, and get to know more with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), whom we barely see in the office. I mean, with the money the company is paying them, you won't expect them to have lots of free time in the office. LOL. And my, the food is but yum, thanks to Conti's. =)

Here are some happy snaps courtesy of my good friend, Mari. The food tastes as good as they look!

Birthday Wall

Pink Salmon Salad

Spring Rolls

Chicken Pastel

Garlic Cheese Prawns. This is the BEST!

With my fellow April celebrants, and the SLTs.

And remember my wish for a birthday cheesecake? The Big Man heard me loud and clear!

I'm wearing my new super affordable (but good!) lippie today, too bad it didn't show in the pictures, I just have to make a FOTD with it soon.
How was your lunch? anything special today? I hope so! =) Stay happy and positive, it radiates!
Super Full & with Much Love,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SNEAK PEEK: Why I'm Sleepless

Hi, beauties!

I've been sharing with you how crazy and busy my schedule has been the past months, although I wasn't ready to spill the beans on the details then. I have to admit that beyond my strong frame, I was too worried, and a scaredy cat on how this project would come out, that I kept my mouth zipped and my mind rolling 24/7.

But time to tell, so come and peek on what's making me skip meals, lose sleep, miss my friends, ignore my battered toes and embrace my computer to sleep.

My newest, and biggest (so far, I hope!) business venture - our very own grill & resto bar.

Thank you to my good friend Lyza, and BFF Tara for helping me out on the logo. Love you!

I'm partnering with two big boys in my life - my only brother, and my only BF! LOL ;-P

And if you're curious to know, I DIDN'T and WON'T quit my day job, so I work at nights and weekends, too. How dead is that? =)

But with Heaven's grace, I know this will prosper...two folds, three folds, ten folds!

We are down to some last details, and we'll be grilling the best Kebabs in the South, SOON!

In need of support and HUGS,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Generosity Queens

Admit it, aside from the fact that holding giveaways earn bloggers more followers and traffic, they also find joy in giving and sharing nice things to their readers, who, more or less, have the same interests in anything but beautiful.

And so allow me to join for the first time (in so many months) and share to you the generosity queens and their fab giveaways. =)

Pinkhearted Pricess Royal Giveaway

Her name says it all. Click the link and see how royal her giveaways are! Not only that, I just love how fun & chic she is, and she surely knows how to keep her readers happy! =) Contest ends May 31. =)

Mariel's Cosmo Planner Giveaway
I know it's almost May, but I can't help but still want that chic planner. I like writing, plotting my schedule, doodle my thoughts and observations. I can even just look at the illustrations and read the articles all day! =) She is giving away 5 of this very nice magazine editorial art, and you might also like to join the upcoming makeover promo at Cosmo website, too. Click HERE.

Lady Joan's Mini Giveaway

Click and see her contest rules, ends May 10. And let's wish her luck in her upcoming wedding! =)

Lizz's Korean Products April Giveaway

She asks what is one skin care product that I can't live without, and my answer would be moisturizers! My organic Ilog Maria Royal Jelly Facial oil (face), and a dozen of different lotions for the body - but my fave is Marks & Spencer's Cucumber lotion. So yum! =) Her contest ends April 28!

The MoleSkin Giveaway by Daily Optimystique

When I was younger, I've always wondered what's so special about MoleSkin notebooks, they are so pricey! Not until I learned of its ability to preserve your writings to almost forever. For a Comms. person like me, it would be a waste not to join! Check Anna's page, you still have until Friday, April 30. That's my mom's birthday and with some luck, I'll give her one of the notebooks if I ever win. =)

And lastly, the lovely Maui, is giving away a Paul & Joe Makeover Voucher. I won't be joining because of medical reason, but click HERE to join and get a chance to get that fab makeover!

OF COURSE, please join my very own Silver Birthday Giveaway, too, okay? I'll be giving away 3 different packages. =)

That's it for now, goodluck to all who will join, and thanks to blogging world, where beautiful & kind hearted girls meet!

Much Love,

Monday, April 26, 2010

For the Love of Red Heads

It’s time for a quick beauty post! I’ve been neglecting myself for quite sometime, for countless reasons, but since it was my birthday yesterday, and the BF OBLIGED, yes he OBLIGED, me not to work, or even think of work, I finally visited the salon to get my hair color done. If not for the photos from J&J’s event last Tuesday, which showed how ghastly my hair roots looked like, I would have spent the whole day in bed, because that would be the perfect workless day, agree?

Back in college, I was denied too many times to enter the campus because of two main reasons, because I wore slashed pants and because I dyed my hair. You see, I studied in a state university where it’s almost a sin to look good. So I promised myself to dye my hair to death, and that’s exactly what I did right after graduation. I’ve tried copper, shades of browns, almost blonde, jet black, blue black, then back to brown, with highlights, without highlights and so on. I have a trusted stylist, and I don’t even remember the last shade he used on me, must be a mixture of red and brown. But with the BF bugging for a toned down look, and me getting so used with my flaming do, I decided it will be red this time. And the flavor of the month? L’oreal’s Mahogany Red.

Me at rightmost side. See my roots? Eek!

Almost 5 inches of roots showing, and in serious need of trim and some treatments


New hair in L'oreal Mahogany Red, and with almost 5 inches chopped off. A lot better?
(Hair a bit messy since I took the photo right after I woke up the next morning)

So what do you think? Did I make the right choice to switch to RED? If not for the extreme heat, I'd love to keep my waist length locks, but it weighs a ton, so there. Hope you still liked it, though.

BTW, pls. don't forget to join my humble Silver Birthday Giveaway! I'd appreciate it a lot! =)

Goodnightie! =)

Much Love,

Saturday, April 24, 2010

COME JOIN My Silver Birthday Giveaway!!!

When I was a kid, birthdays always mean receiving greetings, well wishes, money, and the more exciting one – gifts! My birthday falls during summer vacation, and I’ve always regret that, because there’s no way I can have a party in school. No fastfood spaghetti, burgers, sundaes, and a mascot to boot. And the best thing that comes with school parties? Gifts (again!). I don’t even care what I get, usable or not, and in most cases not, just the mere act of tearing the wrapper in haste is already exciting if not therapeutic to my young heart.

Silver belle I am come the 25th of April, and while receiving gifts will forever be nice, I’ve heard and proven, in so many chances, that giving by far feels a lot better. I’m sure you know where this is headed! In celebration of my 25 years of struggle to live an insanely beautiful life, I’m giving out some goodies to 3 fabulous readers. And in the spirit of giving, the mechanics are so simple, you can type and join with your eyes half closed!

No frills mechanics:

1. You must be a follower (existing followers get 2 entries)

2. Leave a comment and simply complete the sentence “I read your blog because ____________” (No right or wrong answers folks, just be honest!)

3. Let your friends know so they can join too, announce this giveaway contest in your blog, or FB, or any social network sites, and paste the link in your comment.

Three winners will be chosen:

1. Based on your answer to item mechanics # 2 (I will pick the best one)

2. Randomly

3. Randomly

There should be at least 10 official unique (meaning 1 person with 2 entries will still be counted as 1) for this giveaway to commence. Open for Philippine readers only. I’m sorry to my international readers, the shipping fee kills me! =(

I hope you care to join, the prizes are humble, but definitely thought of. =)


TFS Eyelash Curler

Maybelline Lash Expansion Waterproof Mascara (new, w/o box)

Elianto Indian Red nail polish

Shell Earrings from Boracay


Ilog Maria Honey Propolis Liquid Soap in Green Tea (One of my HG bodywash!)

Ilog Maria Spearmint Round Soap (Same ones used in Sonya’s Garden)

Human Nature Strengthening Conditioner

Human Nature Intensive Hair Mask

TFS cotton swabs (The wooden sticks made the cut for me!)


Mary Kay Clarifying Cleanser

Mary Kay Pore Purifying Serum

Mary Kay Spot Solution Treatment

I will announce the winners on May 25, as this is also my blog’s 1st year anniversary (CHEERS!). The first winner to email me gets to choose their prize.

*In no way am I endorsing any products above, and reviews are based solely on my personal experience.*

I'm excited to announce the winners as early as now! And to read your comments, too. Goodnight for now beauties!

Much Love,


Thursday, April 22, 2010

NeuroEVENTS: J&J and Bayo's Soft Look Collection Launch

Hello, ladies! I know, my recent posts talked more of my busy bee side -- and I'm feeling bored myself -- and so to break the chain of unending stress and nonstop work, I attended J&J and BAYO's Soft Look Collection Launch last Tuesday, April 20, at Encore Club, Fort, Taguig.

When my BFF invited me to join, I immediately checked my calendar, and texted the Sweets (who's also my business partner), that I will be off from business work that night and so he has to take over. I'm in serious need of sleep and rest, but knowing that I will be meeting my blogger friends in the event supplied the adrenalin I needed. And boy, I made the right decision of traveling from the "probinsya" of Alabang, to Fort, because it was a night of gorgeous girls, glam and fun!!!

Seventeen limited edition pieces, especially designed to showcase women's beautiful, soft skin, were sported by gorgeous models (IMO, they all look identical, almost twins!). This is a collaborative work of Johnson's Body Care and the leading female fashion brand, BAYO.

“Johnson’s Body Care is delighted and excited to launch the Soft Look Collection that will enable women to choose outfits that highlight their best asset this summer – their beautiful soft skin,” explained Via AbaƱo, Johnson’s Body Care Senior Brand Manager. “Summer is indeed one of the most appropriate times to flaunt beautiful skin. The benefits provided by Johnson’s Body Care are definitely best paired with pieces from the Soft Look Collection.”

When the models started gracing the runway, I was totally floored! The pieces were unique, stylish and yet looks very comfortable, and to me, comfort is top priority. I can't look beautiful, if I feel awkward and uncomfortable in the first place. The fabrics, colors and designs are but perfect for summer heat!

“Off-white eyelets and lace are the base fabrics of the collection with a little blush as an accent color,” explained Mary Grace Magcamit, Bayo’s Merchandiser. “The silhouettes are meticulously defined with a gorgeous variety of tops, dresses and bottoms in styles ideal for the summer season. Halters, tunics and strapless pieces with a soft, flowing feel, show off more skin to soak up the summer sun.”

The superwomen behind the power team. Via Abano and Mary Grace Magcamit from J&J and BAYO.

The beautiful host, Sarah Meier. It was nice to see her again, we used to get her as our host when I was still working for Corporate Comms. She's a darling, and an active advocate of Habitat for Humanity. Beautiful face with a big heart!
Too bad I forgot to bring my camera, and so I'm borrowing photos from my co-bloggers/friends, with due credits, of course. =) PHOTO CREDITS TO NIKKI, SHEN and AZRAEL. Thank you so much! I promise not to forget my camera next time!

The limited edition ensembles are available at leading BAYO stores until June 15. And to top it all, freebies and discounts await us!

By purchasing any item from the Johnson’s Body Care Soft Look Collection in participating Bayo outlets, women will get a free 100ml Johnson’s Body Care Lotion and a 20% discount coupon for a succeeding purchase of a 200ml or 400ml lotion or wash at Watsons. Alternately, when women buy 200ml or 400 ml Johnson’s Body Care Lotion or Wash at Watsons, they will get 10% off on any item from the Soft Look Collection.

To know more about Johnson's Body Care and the Soft Look Collection, hop on to

It was a memorable evening and a perfect stress reliever, though the whole show lasted only for an hour, the gang decided to have dinner at Pasto afterwards, and we talked and laughed like we've known each other for years and years. I can't wait to do it again with these fantabulous girls!

Tara of Chronicles of Vanity, Me, Nikki of Askmewhats, Frances of Topaz Horizon, Shen of Shen's Addiction, Jamie of Makeupholic on a Budget and Jheng of Abubots

Me, Nikki and Annie of Strategic Edge

I also met Maui (left most) for the first time. Love her color and she's so fit! =)
Ladies in black

Jheng (right most) made us laugh big time! =)

My partner in crime and BFF, Tara. We didn't plan the outfit, we were as shocked as the rest. =)

To Nikki and supportive hubby Keith, Shen, Jheng, Jamie, Frances and Maui, it's a pleasure to know you personally. You're all lovely online, and even lovelier in person! Big hugs!

And to my BFF, Tara, we always, ALWAYS have SO MUCH FUN together! Is this chemistry or what? Loveyah!
Cheers to more good times!

Much Love,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Frantic and ALMOST Forgetful

I'm dead busy the past weeks, or has it been months? My hair roots are showing, my nails are dying to get a proper pedicure, I missed two Derma sessions, failed to watch TV series - not even news! - and haven't seen any of my GFs for weeks! Yay! And you know what else I forgot? That I'll be turning 25, five days from now! How pathetic is that??

I don't usually forget birthdays. I even mark my planner for other people's big days. It's a happy occasion, a celebration of life's WAS and WILL BE. I normally look forward to my own a few weeks from it, and plan something; a trip, home dinner, or just a memorable purchase.

Two years ago, I arranged a 2-in-1 party for me and mom, because she turned 50 (her birthday is just 5 days after mine). Last year, we decided to spend it in HK Disneyland. But this year, with the demands (time & money) of the business I'm putting up with my brother and the Sweets, I don't think I can even afford a trip outside the 5 KM radius of the Metro. *Sigh with a Smile*

This iss how I turned 24 last year, screaming like mad aboard Space Mountain, HK Disneyland.

But thinking about it, I still have 5 days, and something can still snap inside my frantic head and turn to something REALLY nice. Do watch out,

I have a feeling it has something to do with this NeuroChiq blog! And I bet you're guessing it right!

For now, I want nothing but a Strawberry Birthday Cheesecake, and I pray to heavens for some kindhearted being to give me one, or to up the ante and MAKE ME ONE! ;-p

To all April celebrators like me, have a HAPPY, HAPPY, BLESSED ONE!

And again, watch out! =)

Much Love,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

OOTD: Purple Summer Royalty

If there's something to smile about despite the disturbing heat in the metro, that would be sporting colorful, fun summer outfits!

Remember my previous post on my cousin's proposal? Well, we were overly happy (and very stressed with the heat!), and so we went straight to a private resort that same night, and played like kids in the water til 6 in the morning!

And for spontaneous trips like this, dress is my only best friend. =)


Tube Dress: Chic Republic
Slippers: Toeberries
Capiz Bangles: from Galera

Pardon the lack of more decent photo. That's what 24 hours of no sleep can do! =p

Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday, lovelies!

Much Love,

Friday, April 16, 2010

I may not be the Biggest Fan of Marriage...

but seeing couples in love, and eventually tying the knot, is always whimsical!

Don't crucify me yet, I'm all for love and relationship, and building a family. It's just the usual skeptical, practical me that says I want divorce in this country, or get married in a land where they have one, because that's the least I can do to calm my nerves. I actually think of getting married, half-drunk, in Vegas, or hop to Hawaii and get married in bikinis and linen!!! It excites me to bits, and no, it's not because I want to get divorced the next day when I get sober, but because I'm just the way it is.

I don't want to shut my doors; people change, things change, much like my parents, or other couples, who separated after so many years, and yet remained good friends (and good parents). Some finds new love --- but sadly, can't remarry. Not fair. Again, this is me, and same as you, I'm unique, and is entitled to whatever lunacy my uniqueness brings. Who knows, Vegas or Hawaii is a dream to hold!

And because I'm pro-divorce yet STILL a romantic (it's POSSIBLE!), I helped one of my closest cousins, Chardeeh, to arrange his most awaited marriage proposal to his GF, Kyle. And because he is a conservative guy, he decided
CALERUEGA is the perfect venue. So after a night of working late, and bidding goodbye to my brother who's off to the airport that same morning, we drove to Batangas, with U2 music and a Bulalo stopover in Tagaytay.

The sun was shining mightily over beds of colorful leaves and flowers, a perfect setup if not for the sweltering heat we have nowadays. *Sigh* Chardeeh gave a fake madeup ring of glass and coal, in attempt to make it comic, and conceal his tense, sweaty state -- which I learned later on, took him all night to make from glass cola bottle and "uling" or coal LOL! -- before finally kneeling down to ask for Kyle's hands (with a princess cut diamond ring!) just before the magnificent church's doorstep and the lovely sunset. She gave a bubbly "yes", that we made sure was caught on video. =D

Now, if you'll excuse me, we have a grand wedding to plan, and a lot of laps to run to make sure I fit that fab bridesmaid dress I saw online the other day. Hah!

"A woman of sixty, like a girl of six, runs at the sound of wedding music."
Babylonian Talmud: Jebamoth, 450 B.C.


The Proposal -- soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Kyle Fajardo

Love, Love, Love,
Dang <3

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Of Deranged Life and Beautiful People

My social life is seriously dead. The first quarter of 2010 has been INSANELY busy, but equally beautiful. A lot of endings and new beginnings, starting with a grand vacation last January, a lot of people coming and leaving, a newfound love for running, a marriage proposal (albeit not mine! Ha!) plus a very exciting business opportunity to boot (but not yet ready to talk about). I'm a slavedriver to myself, working my usual 8-hour professional job, 4 hours for business, and another 2 dedicated to my writing or reading mojo. So yes, I barely manage to have coffee with my GFs these days (I'll make it up to you, girls!), and the only date that me and the Sweets (who's also my biz partner) can afford to squeeze in are movie nights! Aside from that lovable dragon, Toothless, of How to Train Your Dragon, the most remarkable film that etched my mind recently is Denzel Washington's Book of Eli. Clap clap on the ending twist, but let's admit that the story got us from the start. I've seen apocalyptic movies left and right, but this appealed to my picky taste the best. Less boom, more meat.

And you know another reason why? Solara! or Mila Kunis in real life. She's my new official girl crush, after my Katy Perry phase. =)

She starred in That '70s Show, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and voices Meg Griffin in the hit comedy cartoon, Family Guy.

She reminds me of young Jolie, and a less tired Meester, don't you agree? And folks, she is in the GQ April 2010 spread, in case you're lusting for more gorgeous photos other than below.

I bet Culkin is always on guard. =P

Much Love,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's Haunting Me Right Now...

is Art School. Yes, colors, brushes, canvas, oils, gesso, mess, wonderful.

I've been meaning to get back to this long lost craft, that it literally pops out in my dreams, in many conversations, while I pee, while I do my makeup (for obvious reasons =)). But with my work, and my business, and my family, and my friends, and all my life loving, I just couldn't squeeze it in! I'm stretching myself to the thinnest possible way, and I'm desperately hoping to get started -- if not school, at least some practice time. The only thing I have achieved so far is shopping, because that I can do pretty awesome, for my art supplies (one box full!), if you can even call it a start.

My dad is a frustrated painter (only because Fine Arts didn't appeal much to his dad), and just like my mom always tells me, she hates me for being so "dad." A few hours is all I need, so please bless me.

Anything wonderful haunting you lately? Spill! It just means you're delicately complicated! Cheers to life loving!

In case you're also into painting, hop on HERE and HERE, or visit some workshops being given by Fernando Sena HERE. =)

Much Love,