Saturday, October 31, 2009

How a Friday Night Saved my Heart

Friday is my favorite day, simply because it's offcially the start of my weekend. For one, we have the regular Friday lunchout in the office, then we are unofficially allowed to go to work late, and go home early. Well, unofficially. But it's a sick tradition. Everybody smiles in the office on this day ;-P

But yesterday was unusually sad for me, as I've mentioned, it was my beloved PR agency's last day. So I packed up feeling so sad, until the Sweetie picked me up, and brought to me to see a movie to lighten me up, and this is how my Friday night saved my heart. =)

1. Taters Cheese Popcorn + Diet Cola + Chocolates

I'm not really into popcorn, and the only exception is Chef Tony's caramel version. But last night, the Sweetie got some cheese popcorn from Taters, and it's actually good. =) At least it compensated a mediocre movie - Patient X. Bleh.

2. Smirnoff Raspberry + cool tito

We went to my cousin's house for a usual hangout, our coolest tito was home and was in the mood for some alcohol. I'm the only one who doesn't drink beer among the cousins, and so I ended up downing the Smirnoff, one-on-one with tito. What a safe way to get drunk!

3. My lippie love lived up to its promise!

I'm not the only crazy person in the family, my cousins Cil, May and cousin's GF Kyle, put our lipsticks to the test. We swiped some L'oreal Endless Kissable and CG Outlast lipcolor before munching on some oily snacks and booze, and checked out each other's lipstick every half hour! We always ask "Hey, meron pakong lipstick?" (Do I still have lipstick?) pointing to our lips. It was so funny and crazy, that we start laughing soo hard and the boys didn't even have a clue! Hah!

4. A possible Bangkok getaway
My cousin's GF, Kyle, I learned, is also a travel freak! And so we are planning a BKK getaway, and NO BOYS ALLOWED. The girls will shop til our legs give up. =P

5. RC helicopter is the schiznit!
The cool tito is into remote control helicopters, I mean the large, gasoline fueled ones. And so none of us take it seriously, because, one, it's EXPENSIVE, and two, it's EXPENSIVE. Did I mention it's expensive? Hehe. But he brought a baby helicopter that runs on batteries, and the Sweetie and I were hooked! I'm not into video games, I' m more fascinated with real toys. I was a bit of a tomboy when I was younger, wanting guns than dolls.
I started flying it and I sucked, but then I discovered that I'm better with some Smirnoff! =) I promised the Sweetie we're getting our own RC today! Haha. No one says we have to grow up =P

I seriously love my clan. Because of them, my Friday wasn't bad at all, how's yours?
Much Love,
The Neurochiq

*All images from google

Friday, October 30, 2009

All for the Love of Agatep

The past weeks have been cloudy, at least in my heart. Four weeks ago, my former PR Agency, announced that they lost the bid to renew their contract with their biggest client.

I worked as a PR Consultant for them for 2 years, servicing their biggest client, until I got absorbed and luckily joined my present company. I ABSOLUTELY loved my agency and my team, they are simply the best, and I owe my actual PR ABCs from them. But family comes first, so I can't reject the opportunity that presented itself to me. No big-a-deal, after all, my beloved agency will still service my present employer, so I get to see them, and even work with them. Perfect. Until now.

After seven long years of partnership between my former agency and my current company, the contract landed on new hands. Then I realize, it's really time to bid goodbye, and I'm never, never ever good at it.

TODAY is their last day, and incidentally, a big typhoon is coming, which made the day all more gloomy. I won't shed tears, we're grown ups. And in the world and industry we live in, I'm sure I'll bump with them from time to time.

But for now, all I can do is look at them, for next week, I'll be seating next to some strangers.

Kudos, Agatep!

Kane Choa (now Corporate PR Manager of ABS), Karen Agabin (client), Ramon Ruiz (OJT), Elaine Apinado (Associate, and now Division Manager of Agatep), Oline Guiua (now Events Manager of PIAA-YGC) and yours truly. Taken during "SPEX Patrol" event which won the best presentation; Shell Exploration Day 2007.

(Media Seminar 2006)

We haven't slept for 3 days, thus zombie-ish. And we totally deserve some alcohol afterwork. It's weird to see myself with black hair. LOL.

Photography workshop with THE John and Kathy Chua.

So hard to smile nicely with the super strong winds @ The PEAK, Highlands, Tagaytay.

Last photo with my beloved former manager, Elaine Apinado (right) @ Bona Coffee, Westgate Alabang.

Are you ever good at goodbyes? =( I guess I will never be.
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ditch the Itch: Product Review of Ilog Maria Throat Spray

I talk loud since the day I learned how. And being such, I joined numerous contests, from declamation, storytelling up to the point of leading a speech choir. But a bad case of throat and nasal infection that left me hospitalized for days, left me with a slightly hoarse voice and a very sensitive throat. I sneeze and get headaches at the slightest trace of smoke, I have runny nose more than 5x a year, and too much talking, too much sweets and lack of water can set up a serious fire on my throat.

Two weeks ago, I held my first bazaar event in Ayala Alabang. It was a bazaar, so you can imagine how I endlessly entertained customer queries for 12 long hours. I went home exhausted and fell asleep in less than five minutes, only to be awakened by a burning sensation on my throat. I knew it was serious, since it was able to wake me up from my deep sleep. [even alarm clocks don't work on me!].

I stood up, got some warm water and a pinch of salt, and gargled like there's no tomorrow. But the fiery itch starts to get really painful and I couldn't sleep anymore. I suddenly remembered the Ilog Maria Throat Spray that Martha, the beauty junkee, was talking about in her blog. She's a theater actress, and in vain need to protect her asset (thanks, sis!). Ilog Maria is fairly new in my list of products to sell, and so this is the perfect time to test it.

I squirted 3 sprays directly on my throat, and I automatically felt an intense cool sensation that eventually beat the pain. I was literally shocked on how fast it worked. I went back to sleep and after 5 long hours, I woke up, without even a trace of itch or pain! I couldn't believe it. I've always believed in the powers of organics, and I'm the biggest fan. But I know nature takes time to heal, but Ilog Maria proved me wrong this time!

Lifted from their website:

"Propolis Throat Spray (30 ml) Breath Freshener & Bacteriostatic Throat & Mouth Spray. Made from ILOG MARIA Virgin Honey, Propolis Gold & Peppermint / Spearmint Oils. Prevents colds and coughs, even fever/flu, if taken immediately after an "itchy throat" is felt. Spray twice on tonsils at first sign of a cough or cold. Soothes sore throat and smoker's cough. Excellent for cold sores or "singaw". Clears itchy throat & hoarse voice fast."

True to their word, their throat spray prevented cough, colds and tonsilitis, that could have left me sick for days. I tell you, when I catch the flu, I catch the toughest kind! So thank God for finding this gem. I'ts officially in my necessity kit from now on.

-Relieves itch and pain INSTANTLY
-Cools your throat INSTANTLY
-100% ORGANIC, so goodbye to chemical gargles!
- Prevents colds, flu and tonsilitis effectively, VERY effectively
- very handy
- safe even for kiddos =)

- Not actually a dislike, but taste can be an issue to some. It's a bit strong & spicy BUT NOT BAD!
- Not widely available, you can get it only form their farm in Silang, Cavite, or through their website which charges provincial rate or through MY organic store.

Overall Verdict: 100% approved. And I'm not saying this because I sell it, I'm not that desperate. LOL. =P

Have a great midweek lovelies, I'm soo busy, hence the lack of updates, but i still read yours EVERYDAY! So keep them coming!

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

PS: Got this as a Holloween treat in the office, aside from the fact that I'm a chocolate monster, I like the message! Very TRUE! We worry too much, and so we smile and feel happy less. And most of the time, our worries aren't even close to reality. So chill & smile at the person in front of you now! I am, seriously! =)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life's Lesson Plan

Image from google*

Twenty plus years of a not-so-simple life has taught me a thing or two about happiness. Fate has been kidding around with me; it made me feel rich, pampered, loved, bored, abandoned, devastated, loved again, hurt once, twice, thrice, then stable, and lost again. My life isn't perfect, and I haven't seen anything close to it, have you?

If I list down all the learnings and make life's lesson plan, then I would probably need to publish series of books. [Though it won't hurt to dream, eh?] =)

I don't mean to be preachy of self righteous, but let me share to you some nuggets of wisdom that has unfolded in my very eyes. [I'll be sharing more as I witness them.]
These are personal views and are subject to your discretion.

1. JEALOUSY/ENVY prevents you from being HAPPY
Definitely. When you are jealous, and it doesn't matter if it's over simple or things of great magnitude, it prevents you from being happy. Why? Because jealousy prevents you from APPRECIATING what you have. When you feel envious over somebody else's possessions, beauty and achievements, to the point that you start feeling low about yourself, you begin to compare and even regret the blessings you have received. You start imagining what your life would be if you were in that other person's shoes, that you forget how happy your life already is. You even resent the life, the people and your God that has given you so much. So when I feel jealous myself, I slap my cheek and start counting my blessings, then I realize, what an ungrateful b*tch I was.

2. KARMA is real, good or bad, and it's part of the universal equilibrium
What goes around comes around. Good or bad, it will find its way back to you, if not now, in due time. You give more, you gain more, in two, three, even four folds. You get greedy, then again, it will get more from you, in two, three, four folds. Same holds true to our resources, we abuse nature, then we face the consequences. Nothing is free in this world anymore, you plant goodness, then you gain goodness, and vice versa. I also believe that hurting animals weighs down your life, because fyi, PEOPLE DON'T OWN THE WORLD. We are merely part of the universe. So respect life in every simplest form.

3. Long for COMFORT, not OPULENCE
I'm being truthful here, as much as I want to get ridiculously rich, I've seen so many reasons why I'd go for comfort and not opulence. I won't go into so much details, but simply put, comfortable life for me means a sturdy, decent sized & lovely home where I can see my loved ones on a daily basis, and not a hotel type mansion where I would need intercoms to reach my future kids. I want an emergency fund, a hefty savings account, and some insurance plans, not billions spread all over the world, with threats of terrorits taking my kids for ransom money.
Again, these are my personal views, pro or con, I'm more than happy to hear your thoughts about it, sweeties! I'll be posting more life's lessons next time. Cheers to life!

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Smokey Eyes. Nude Lips. Messy Curls.

I decided to fire up one lazy Sunday afternoon, by flaunting MY VERY FIRST ATTEMPT on smokey eyes, my favorite nude creamy lips, and some naughty, messy curls.

I also slipped into my comfy tube dress and culdoroy teal jacket before going out with the Sweetie and downing some serious coffee [courtesy of my BDJ coupons!] while "people watching." Believe me, it's therapeutic!

I'm no expert on smokey looks and my skin is not in its best condition lately, so sorry if it looked weird, or shocking =p

My first attempt to do smokey eyes =) I hope it wasn't so bad =[
Products used:
Maybelline Shadow Stylist in Urban Grey
Silver & Black Palette from mom
L'oreal Wear Infinite Quad (nude colors)
Maybelline Hypercurl WP Black Mascara
F21 Soft Eye Pencil
Yes, I don't use liquid eyeliners =D


Black Tube Dress from SM Department Store

Teal Culdoroy Jacket from Mango

I use to hate my full pouty lips, but I learned to love them, at least I don't have to spend on collagen =P

Some smile.

The last time I had curls was way back in college, and it's never permanent because, well, I'm careful with commitments [yup, even with my hair]. I like my hair big, full body, and with natural waves rather than super straight, which I think makes my already prominent cheekbone YELL!!! LOL.
But after seeing the photos, I'm seriously contemplating on getting it permed, and maybe just cut it if I ever get bored. So help me girls, do you want me straight or curly? I love to hear your thoughts! And for reference, tadah!


Have a great midweek!

Much Love,
The Neurochiq

House of Organics' 1st Bazaar

My ever supportive friends/Gamma sisters: Karen, Yhel, me & Tara
(thanks for the photo, SD)

Hello, lovelies! Sorry, I know I've been missing a lot lately because of this. As announced before, I held my FIRST EVER Bazaar experience in Ayala Alabang, which also officially launched my new site - HOUSE of ORGANICS.

Because it was my first time, I was nervous, stressed and soo tired! Thankfully, I have the Sweetie with me 24/7, assuming the role of runner, store rep, personal entertainer, PA, and confidence booster. And I have tons of friends who visited as well! Too bad I wasn't able to take photos of them, but I still want to say my special thanks to these WONDERFUL people in my life, who supported this lil' venture of mine =)

My mom & the Sweetie's mom

My cousins Richard & Kyle

My CVG friends Jaypes & Mitch [with adorable babies Mya and Karl]

My Gamma Sisters: Libay, Cath, Yhel, Tara, Karen & the Boyfies

My Gamma Sisters who didn't make it but still sent their love: Chai & Tel

My Office friends: X, Ina & Gracie

My business partners Jamie, Jessica & Shayne

I love you all to death =)

Have I missed anyone? I'm still trying to keep up with my officemails, and tons of work after my absence...Hmm...

Though the bazaar mood was affected by the recent calamities, the returns weren't bad for a first timer, and this is definitely a relevant step that will start a great business journey. [fingers crossed*]

I'll be back to regular programming before this week ends. Missed you all!

PS: My site is now up and running, though I'm still completing the list of products, photos and descriptions. I hope you can add me up, and get updated with different events and organic goodies that I will offer. Pls. click the HOUSE of ORGANICS logo on the left side of my main page. This is also part of my personal advocate of GOING GREEN! Join me. =)

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Monday, October 12, 2009

Foodie Review: Kanin Club, Westgate Alabang

My tummy is growling as I check out Nikki’s review on Emerald’s Garden, then I remembered I have some snapshots of our lunch @ Kanin club, so I decided to up the ante of my HUNGER, and post a quick review as well.

Kanin or rice, is no doubt a must for Filipinos. I remember my HK trip with mom, where we ate nothing but all sorts of noodles and egg tarts, that by the time the Sweetie picked us up from the airport, the first thing I told him was to get me unlimited rice!

Kanin Club offers authentic Filipino dishes served with a twist. There’s much buzz about their food especially the cult favorite of crispy dinuguan (crispy blood stew), which I myself was so intrigued about. I have tasted, but NEVER liked dinuguan, just the thought of its ingredients scares me, but crispy? I MUST try it!

The first Kanin Club I visited was their branch in Paseo de Sta. Rosa, unfortunately, I was in the first phase of my South Beach diet then, so I ate nothing but Camaron Rebusado sans the breading and some clear sour soup, darn. So when they opened another one in Westgate Alabang, which is so near the office, I made sure me & my colleagues reserved some seats the next day, and see, or taste for ourselves.

We feasted on the following:

Me & one of my closest colleague, Lyza.

The cult fave, CRISPY Dinuguan. (Crispy Pork Intestines in Blood Stew)

My personal fave, Seafood Kare-Kare. (Seafood in Peanut Sauce)

Sinigang na Tadyang (Beef Ribs in Sour Soup)

Dininding na Tilapia

Vegetable Curry

Sticky Mango Rice - Sticky rics with Coco milk, Sweet Coco meat & ripe mangoes.

Halo-Halo Turon - Bananas with beans, sweet coco meat and jackfruit, in crispy egg wrapper.
(my most favorite turon in the world!)

So did I like it? 100% YES!
- Authentic Filipino dishes, generously cooked with the best ingredients and with big servings!
- Some twist on some dishes such as the Crispy Dinuguan, and the Halo-Halo Turon
- Filipino owned - PRO Pinoy!
- Reasonably Priced; sorry, I forgot to take note of the actual prices per dish, but Php 300/person (About USD 6.00) is safe.
- Not actually a dislike, but I'm not a big fan of native interiors (but that's their theme, so it's okay), and the place in Alabang is so small, that it's almost always jampacked during lunch time. We have to call to reserve seats, and they forfeit it after 5 minutes of delay. =(
Will I come back? Definitely! This is actually on top of our list during office lunchouts =)
But don't just take my word for it, you should try it yourself, and let me know what you think.
Any other Filipino Restaurants you love? I'd love to hear about it!!
Much Love & Hunger,
The NeuroChiq
Visit Kanin Club at the ff.:
Paseo de Sta. Rosa
Paseo de Sta. Rosa,
Telephone: (63 49) 544-0332

Westgate Center
Ground Level,
Telephone: (63 2) 771-1400
U.P. Ayala Land Technohub
Ground Level, Quezon City

Time Out.

I’m taking a timeout from putting my accounting skills to test as I type this. It’s 1:30 in the morning and I have the least intention of sleeping within the next hour. I have to finish my inventory for the upcoming bazaar that I will be joining. But before I lose my senses with figures, help me look back at one neurochiq weekend.

Things I have done for the past 48 hours or so:

Met my GFs for a Friday coffee session -GFs ARE THE BEST CREATURES IN THE WORLD! =D
Cleaned my room
Painted my nails pale pink
Did my inventories for the bazaar
Emailed suppliers, did my things on Blogspot, FB and multiply
Finished a book
Updated I tunes
Clipped my dog’s nails
Chit chat with mom

Visited a pregnant cousin
Attended a friend’s birthday celeb
Visited an organic farm
Edited some photos
Watched 2 movies on DVD
Played with the Sweetie’s dog
still awake and thinking…

Whew, not bad for a weekend. I think I’ve been productive. But hell, I look like an import from Resident Evil. Hehe. I haven’t finished my inventories for the upcoming BAZAAR this weekend [which I’m inviting you all, btw], but I’m feeling dizzy already, and now I know why.

Just sharing some photos before I pass out LOL, good night, ladies.

I'm looking for a nude pink, but it turned out more pale than nude. boo.

Nyx Strawberry from my dear friend, Kavukz, and shimmer palette from mom.

Got some from Shobe's blogsale =) She is so nice, btw =)

Now I know how to use a smudger =P Thanks to Kavukz again.

Swatches, I'll do an FOTD soon, I hope.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My baby's 1st Bday =)

My first baby, Bossing, celebrated his first birthday last Sep. 28, and because it was in the middle of the Typhoon Ondoy mishap, I decided not to celebrate it anymore, and just put on his red birthday shirt I bought from my recent KK trip, and gave him a big, choking hug.

PS: Forgive the messy hair, that's his trademark; he runs wildly when he sees the brush and nail clipper. teehee.

Hope you're having a blast this Saturday. I had one of the best coffee session with my girlfriends last night til morning...I can't live without them seriously, and our doses of dicussions on careers, love, family, religion and my much respected "me time" and "personal space." So, I'm off to bed for now. Have a great day!
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Friday, October 9, 2009

An Angel Needs YOU

As I do my usual rounds in the net, I stumbled upon something I thought I should share with you. This will be a quick post, but I hope you find the time to consider.

The story is about an angel, who has been fighting hard for her life since birth. Her name is Hannah Ysabelle Cordoviz. She's no different than any other babies; playful, always smiling, and a burst of sunshine to her parents, Daddy Carlo & Mommy Joan. She can do a lot of things, like giggle, close-open her hands, and pose beautiful eyes to her guests. Yes, a lot of good things, except one - SHE CAN'T BREATHE. She can hardly breathe when awake, and NOT AT ALL when asleep. She has a very rare syndrome, than only occurs to 1 in a million babies, and it's called Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome or CCHS. To cut it short, the doctors need to cut a hole in her throat, put a tube and connect it to a respirator, just so she can breathe and stay alive. What is nature for us, is a struggle for her. My heart is breaking as I read about it =,(. How can a fragile baby endure all that?

But Hannah's parents are not giving up, and I hope we can extend a hand to them. They set up an online store for Hannah, which sells rosaries made of semi-precious stones & beads. If you want to visit, pls. click HERE. Every help counts.

To baby Hannah, Daddy Carlo, and Mommy Joan, stay strong, the Lord God won't say no to a little angel. We will be here to pray & support you, as Hannah grows strong, smart and beautiful!

Thanks for reading this post. Have a great weekend ladies! =)

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

The House of Organics joins Ayala Bazaar!

To my gorgeous girls:

I'm inviting you all to come & visit me as I join my first ever bazaar experience. (trembling*)This event will mark the launching of my newest venture - The House of Organics. This store, born out of my advocacy of going green, will focus on your daily organic needs, from beauty & skin care, to wellness and healthy eating.

My online shop is currently under construction, and hopefully an offline store will also be available soon. (crossing fingers*) I've partnered with several trusted organic developers to give you only the purest, only the BEST.

Thank you and appreciate it if you can spread the word to your friends & family! =)

PS: The bazaar will also include merchants selling clothes, bags, shoes etc., so be ready for a total shopping experience! =)

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Product Review: All Organics Strawberry Lip Balm

Hello, girls. If you’re a frequent visitor, you would know how in love I am with Organic Products. A former boss, who lives and breathes organics, actually influenced me, not only through her preaching, shared reading materials, but more importantly, her EXAMPLES.

Man, you should see her; she’s 36, and has 3 adorable kids, but she’s very slim (I’m guessing about 100-110 lbs. @ 5’4”) and can pass for a cheerleader in senior college.

And her claim to fame? [just like a reality show LOL] – ORGANICS!

She and her family buys their food from nearby provinces, and organic markets, which are now slowly emerging in the metro. I may not be able to switch to organic foodie anytime soon, because of its steep prices and availability, but then I channeled my advocacy through the beauty products I use.

My current fave is ALL ORGANICS, which I recently hoarded from an expo in the World Trade Center. I blogged about this few weeks ago HERE. And now, I’m ready to review them one at a time.

PRODUCT: All Organics Strawberry Lip balm

What it says: Contains VCO, Cocoa butter, natural beeswax, aloe vera, strawberry – ALL NATURAL protection for your lips!


· PARABEN free, NO preservatives, NO artificial colors and flavors -- What else can I ask for? =D
· Very moisturizing – I have ultra flaky lips, and very few balms can do something substantial about it, and this one definitely bagged the job.
· Yummy! Tastes natural, unlike most strawberry flavored lip balms which tends to taste like juice concentrates. Do I hear Sunny Orange and Richie? LOL.
· Very light – Don’t we just hate it when lips feel heavy, sticky and weighs like a ton?
· With nice sheer, not gloss – Since I have full lips, I don’t use much gloss because it officially makes me the twin sister of Daisy Duck. teehee.
· With cooling effect
· Convenient packaging, easier and more hygienic than the ones in pots
· Very affordable


· No SPF =(
· Not widely available

Overall Verdict: 9/10. If it has sunscreen, I will give it a perfect rating. If you love NIVEA LIP CARE in CHERRY or STRAWBERRY, which I actually do, then, this is the PERFECT organic alternative. You’ll get the same benefits, almost equal price, and the bonus of not worrying about chemicals touching your lips ever again. =)

I hope you find the review helpful, just please remember to take it with your own personal discretion. Have a great day! See you on my next review.

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


…will allow me, and all women, to walk naked in public, as long as they have gorgeous shoes! Blimey, I can get arrested! Boo. =D

Kidding aside, I just want to express how loco I am over shoes: pointy, classy, edgy ones. I’ve always been a fan of “f*ck me shoes”, credit goes to my college friend who coined the term – missing you ate Yo!

I remember my college days when I had to walk, or more often run, to catch a cab/shuttle in Baclaran, marathon the campus catwalk and climb all the way to the 6th floor to attend my classes. A smart girl would know, and would wear flats. Call me stupid, but I just can’t give up this love, I can deal with the pain in the evening. I even have this self inflicted fever (is there such a thing?), when I fail to save up to get that killer pair displayed in the window. My famous line while drooling was “Shit, gusto ko lagnatin” (Shit, I want to get fever.) It’s so crazy when I think of it now. LOL.

So now that I have reason to invest on shoes, every morning, I slide into my pointy babies, and they never fail to give me that sexy, foxy kick that I need for a long day in the office.

Here are some recent loves:

Got this in Charles & Keith sale in Kota Kinabalu for only RM 40 or Php 560.00, such a steal.
Also from C&K at Kota Kinabalu for only RM 20 or Php 280.00! How cheap is that?? =)

Also from C&K, Singapore for Php 1,500 (got it 50% off from a friend who bought the wrong size)

Nancy Shoes from Celine @ Php 750.00, love the flirty strap =)

How about you, what part of your daily outfit kicks out the best in you? I’d love to know!

Much Love & in Heels,
The NeuroChiq

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Superman is a Filipino

Reposting this from here, because I heart it. <3
Classy. Simple. Hearty.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Product Review: Kimi Shoes

As I stepped out of the car and walked my usual route to the office lobby, I intentionally took small, slow steps, to savor the warmth of the mighty sunshine. I started to sweat and my skin stung a bit, but despite forgetting to wear sunscreen, I stood there, for a good minute or two, and just let the much awaited sunshine take care of my Monday blues.

And all the while, my feet are equally happy with this very comfy, proudly PINOY MADE looker which I discovered over the weekend.

Kimi Shoes

I was hunting for a comfy shoes that I can wear in the office and not get bored with it, then I stumbled on this small stall that has numerous chic flats. I'm not a big fan of bubble shoes, but when the Sweetie pointed this one out, I hesitantly tried it, and it just felt perfect! It's so comfy, looks durable [upon inspection of the materials esp. the sole],and a total stunner. And best thing is, this 100% FILIPINO made beauty costs only Php 550.00.

Trying to show how soft & comfy it is =)

Sadly, Kimi doesn't have an online store yet, but that's not a problem (at least to me), since it's a must for me to check out the size (it varies!), feel, material and the look personally when it comes to my shoes.

And it's worth it to visit and check out other Kimi designs - they have gladiators, flats, party heels etc.
(all under Php 1,000), if you ever get to wander in the South.

Kimi Shoes

Pop Culture Section

2nd Level, Alabang Town Center

Much Love,

The NeuroChiq

Sun will Shine on Us

It’s a sunny Monday, lovelies!

Thank God that Typhoon Pepeng (Parma) didn’t directly hit Metro Manila. I can’t even bring myself to imagine the devastation it would have caused should it wreck the metro after Ondoy (Ketsana). Though being spared from the typhoon is a big relief, it still worries me to see the destruction it brought to Northern Luzon such as Catanduanes, Camarines, Bicol, Quezon, Aurora and a lot more. But despite losing millions of properties and crops, the biggest consolation is the very minimal, or zero casualties (in some provinces), due perhaps, to the preparation done by the people and the local governments. I hope we exert all efforts to be a step ahead all the time, and the priority should always remain to be PEOPLE.

I’ve read several bloggers shared their experiences and lessons learned from the nation’s ordeal the past week. I myself was a victim of Ondoy, and I’m sure each of us has his/her own story that can help us reflect, realize and put our thoughts to action.

Some points yours truly humbly shares:

1. Once again, the heavens and earth proved that ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL. – Ondoy’s rage spared no one; from shanties to mansions, from celebrities to common folks. While we can argue that rich people can bounce back faster, the feeling of fear, helplessness and grief over losing hard earned possessions, and LOVED ONES, are all the same despite your bank account.

2. Material things are just that – MATERIAL. We can lose them in a snap, so start loving people more, and valuing earthly possessions less.

3. WE DON’T REALLY OWN ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD. We are just stewards, part of the system of the whole universe. What we have now, are all from the Creator, and if He allowed it, everything can vanish in a blink on an eye.

4. I’M ONE PROUD FILIPINA. Our country may be unsafe, polluted, and politics can get evil. But if there’s one moment in my life that I truly felt lucky to be born in my skin, it would be TODAY. I see “bayanihan” (help/volunteerism) in every corner, financial/non-financial aids from all parts of the archipelago, even victims extending their hands to other victims! Oh God, thank you for making me one proud Filipina.

5. Filipinos are the most POSITIVE men on Earth. All muddy with zero bank account and officially a homeless, a vendor on TV said with a BIG SMILE “Ganyan talaga eh, konting tiis at sipag lang, makakabangon din.” (That’s life, with a bit of hard work, we can rise again.) That’s the spirit.

6. SUPERMAN is real – and he’s a Filipino. Countless heroes emerged amidst the typhoon’s anger. From the rescue teams, NGOs, and common people, who risked or even sacrificed their lives to save other people in need. I can’t name them all, but the Lord will know.

7. Take emergency fund seriously. While I do save up, I can’t call it my emergency fund, and now I know why it’s crucial.

8. I’m thankful that I’m blessed with a GOOD EMPLOYER. My company has always been big on safety and social responsibility, and it has proven its good faith once again. SAFETY of all staff and contractors were prioritized, grants were given to those who were affected badly [from upper mgt. to janitorial services], 0% loans, donation campaigns, outreach programs in all affected retail stations etc. If you belong to a company like this (regardless of its size), then by all means, be proud and be loyal.

9. We all know this happened largely because of the dreaded CLIMATE CHANGE. I learned that I’m not doing enough to protect our planet. I’ve been big on Going Green, using less plastic, managing my garbage and saving power, but I’m barely scratching the surface. I CAN DO MORE. WE CAN DO MORE. Let’s be strict and faithful to our efforts of saving the planet, and in the process, saving people.

10. Lastly, when I saw our things soaked and floating, I realized I should have been more prepared. We stayed on our 2nd floor for 16 hours, and we have very little food and water since all our supplies are on the first floor! From now on, all my precious belongings will be kept on our second floor, and emergency kits too! That includes water, ready to eat food, medicines, emergency lamps, chargers and batteries.

Let the fateful events that transpired last week be a wake-up call. It’s time we know what matters most in our lives, what we can do to prevent it again from happening, and how we can stretch our means to help out more.

For now, I’m convinced that the Lord will command the sun to shine on us.

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Perricone Promise?

Time out from depressive posts on the recent and tragic Ondoy (Ketama) typhoon that hit my part of the world. Good update is that, I see efforts of helping the victims rehabilitate in almost every corner. My company has launched wide campaign for donations and relief operations & the response is overwhelming! Talk about the Filipino spirit. =D
***Diet for the skin? (google image*)
Anyways, I stumbled upon this dietary plan from a relatively famous dermatologist from Michigan State University, Dr. Nicholas Perricone. His radical diet plan promises BIG TIME, but is very strict and most may say, ridiculously costly. Unlike most diet plans such as South Beach, the Perricone diet doesn't focus on weight loss, but rather claims to have found a diet regimen that can delay or even reverse aging, make us live longer and look younger, and yep, possibly lose some pounds too.
Acai Berries, one of the main components of the Perricone diet. (google image*)

He has written several books and has appeared on TV shows such as Today, 20/20 and has gained trust and loyalty of none other than the richest woman in the US, Oprah. He is now the doctor to the stars, read: Courtney Cox and Paris Hilton. He developed diet plans that solve wrinkles, puffiness, acne and other skin problems in as early as 3 days! And what's a diet fad without a villain? He said the culprit for all the skin problems is - inflammation. And food, accordingly, is the biggest source of inflammation, hence skin problems.
Dr. Perricone pitched in Oprah (image from google*)

To know more about this promising diet, click here and here.

Here are the titles of his books that you can grab at any Powerbooks stores near you:

The Perricone Weight-Loss Diet: A Simple 3-Part Plan to Lose the Fat, the Wrinkles, and the Years (2007)
Dr. Perricone's 7 Secrets to Beauty, Health, and Longevity: The Miracle of Cellular Rejuvenation (2007)
The Perricone Weight Loss Diet (2005)
The Clear Skin Prescription: The Perricone Program to Eliminate Problem Skin (2004)
The Perricone Promise (2004)

The Acne Prescription: The Perricone Program for Healthy Skin at Every Age (2003)
The Perricone Prescription (2002)
The Wrinkle Cure (2000)

And if you have several thousand bucks to spare [which I don't have], his skin care products cab be found at Rustan's with prices ranging from Php 2,000-10,000.
I haven't tried this diet, and not really planning on it anytime soon, since it's very strict and expensive to follow [Acai Berry is hard to find here!], and the list of foods to avoid is rather long, and that will make me sad =[ But if you have tried, will try or have proven the Perricone promise, then I would love to hear about it!!!
That's it for now, take care lovelies, especially that typhoon Pepeng is expected to hit anytime now until tomorrow. Be prepared with enough food and other supplies such as batteries, fuel etc. And of course, don't forget the miracle of praying.

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq